Warframe Partner and Fansite Programs: A New Chapter
The Start of a New Community Content Creator Program
Posted On 2020-06-18 14:03:00
Warframe Partner and Fansite Programs: A New Chapter

If you have interacted with any Warframe content creators online, you might be aware of our Warframe Partner and Fansite programs. These programs have shone a light on a group of amazing independent individuals who have done everything from making guides about new content, brightening days with fun-filled livestreams or creating useful community tools. 

While we cherish the work we have done with our community creators, we feel it is time to close the chapter for these programs. So, the Warframe Partner and Warframe Fansite programs will be ending on June 19, 2020.

With the ending of one chapter, starts the beginning of another!

We will be launching a brand new program that highlights the variety and depth of content creation in our community in the form of a Creator program! It will support:

  • Fan Artists - new!
  • Captura Artists - new!
  • Podcasts
  • Fan Sites (Guide sites, community tools, etc.)
  • Broadcasters (Twitch/Mixer, etc.)
  • Video Producers (YouTube, etc.)

Our goals have always been to highlight the amazing independent talent within our community, and we are beyond excited to expand our support to more types of Creators. As much as we loved our work with our Partner and Fansite Programs, the gaming space was a very different time when they were started six years ago. We felt it was time to retire them to rebuild a community-focused content creator program that reflected industry standards in 2020.

Part of those standards apply to general policies when it comes to conduct and professionalism, and ensuring that the Creator Program is a low-pressure resource to supplement content creation while avoiding burnout. We are also thrilled to expand the kind of content we support, while also ensuring multi-platform Creators get access to the best tools in one unified program.

For many years we have featured Fan Artists in a variety of ways to support their art and talent — that isn’t changing, and will not tie into the Creator Program. Instead, the Creator Program will offer tools and resources for artists (and other Creators) to build their online presence and communities.

Since 2014 with the start of the Fan Channel Program, later turned Partner and Fansite Programs, we learned a lot and made mistakes along the way, and we are very much aware of the criticisms shared with us by both Partners and the community. The lack of trust that some might have in our policies is a failure on our part that we hope to remedy with the clearer policies and guidelines we have designed for the Creator Program.

Additionally, while Discords were in our original Fansite program, we are not continuing this support within the Creator Program. These are unique community gathering spaces, and we are working with our previous Fansite Discords to see what ways we can continue supporting them.

There is still much to talk about for the Creator Program, but we will wait to do so when it officially launches later this summer! This new program will have a new application process for all, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for when applications launch!


  • Warframe Partner / Fansite Programs close June 19.
  • Creator Program being introduced later this summer that will include Fan Artists, Captura Creators, and more.
  • 2020 industry standard policies made with respect to burnout and conduct.