Warframe on PlayStation turns 4

It’s our anniversary, Tenno, and we’ve got lots to celebrate!

Over the last four years of Warframe on PlayStation®, you’ve joined a community of 10,209,852 Tenno, played nearly 1 billion Missions, and killed 107,778,119,994 enemies!

To show our thanks, we’re giving gifts to all Tenno on PlayStation®4! Unwrap the first gift in your Inbox to receive:

-Renown Excalibur Glyph
-Cycle Four Sigil

Get ready for two special Alerts, exclusive to PS4™, with exclusive Rewards! Complete these celebratory Alerts and earn:
-Reward 1 = Obsidian Excalibur Noggle and 10,000 Credits
-Reward 2 = Obsidian Azura Excalibur Noggle and 10,000 Credits

Tenno can also pick up a PS4™ Color Picker in the Market for only 1 Credit!

However you choose to celebrate Tenno, thanks for coming along with Warframe on this adventure through the Origin System!