Warframe in Numbers
DE_Steve Reflects On Our First Year
Posted On 2014-03-27 18:10:36
Warframe in Numbers

Warframe started as an experiment – a handful of world-weary Devs setting out to finish that ‘sci-fi game’ they never got to make. They weren’t going to work for publishers anymore; they were going to work for players.

If you showed me this Infographic a year ago I would have laughed in disbelief. If you’re a veteran Tenno you’ll know how far the game itself has come. This energy from our Community has continually driven us to re-forge Warframe into a grander vision well beyond its experimental origins. It is our debt to these Tenno.

If you already know what a ‘Tenno’ is and eye-roll at the phrase ‘It’s the Grineer’ – thank you for sticking with us! This year is going to be intense for you, because our ambitions for Warframe are stupidly huge now. We’re smashing melee combat into new forms and adding the fabled ‘end-game’ and lore-laced content you’ve been clamouring for. Oh and a million other things too numerous to write here, plus we need to keep you guessing.

If you’re reading this because you like Infographics I encourage you to take up the sword and join us on this dual adventure: A game that started small but is in an aggressive state of evolution, setting up a persistent-world Science/Fantasy action game where players must band together to protect a shattered civilization from itself (and it's Free, btw)!

- DE_Steve