Warframe: Empyrean
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Posted On 2019-12-12 21:43:00
Warframe: Empyrean

Take the helm and set course for Warframe’s next leap forward: Empyrean.

Cooperation is vital to survive aboard the Railjack. Man the turrets, pilot the ship, fight the fires — everyone has a role to play here. In this foundational update for Warframe’s space combat, work together to assault the Grineer above Earth, Saturn and at the edges of the Origin System. More factions and locations will come online in future updates.

Reminder: This phase of Empyrean is designed and optimized as a cooperative experience. Solo players will still be able to enjoy Empyrean, but the difficulty and progression is balanced around full crews. 2020 will bring enhanced Solo capabilities with Empyrean!

The Sigma Series Railjack

The Railjack is a multi-crew interceptor designed for salvaging wreckage and heavy combat. The Railjack delivers customizable firepower on a massive scale, including twin-mounted nose turrets, manned wing turrets on each flank and an underslung, armor-piercing forward artillery cannon.

This interceptor has three primary components: Engines (speed), Reactors (tactical capacity) and Arrays (shields). During missions, you and your crew will collect armament and component wreckage, which can be repaired into ship upgrades back at the Dry Dock. You’ll also discover three categories of Avionics to install:

- Battle Avionics: Your Railjack’s abilities.

- Integrated Avionics: Passive stat boosts.

- Tactical Avionics: Ship-wide abilities that can be used by any crew member from the Tactical Map. (Examples: Void Cloak, Fire Suppression, Breach Seal)

Avionics, components and armaments are made by multiple houses. Each brand offers different strengths and weaknesses allowing you to further customize your experience. These parts can only be equipped at the Dry Dock, so make sure you’re prepared for combat before you fly to your next mission.

As your Railjack takes damage, fires and hull breaches will require your swift attention, along with hostile boarding parties looking for havoc. Keep your Railjack in operational condition by using the Omni multiuse tool to douse the flames and seal the holes. If you can’t leave your station, pull up the Tactical Map to issue commands to your crew!

Begin Your Journey

Once you’ve built your Archwing, matchmake into any open crew from the Star Chart by using the “Join a Crew” button! If you want to use your own Railjack, host the mission by starting it up from the Navigation screen aboard your Railjack.

To experience the full Empyrean progression, you’ll want to be in a clan and build your own Railjack. Add the Dry Dock room to your Dojo, then begin the Quest to rebuild your Railjack from salvaged pieces across the Origin System. Once the pieces are in place, board the Railjack, find the Reliquary Drive at the rear and get your ship in working order!


Empyrean delivers the first of our planned modes: Skirmish. Set a course for Earth, Saturn or Veil Proxima to gun down fighters, sabotage crewships and more as you launch an all-out assault against the Grineer.

When selecting nodes to play, the core mission objectives vary depending on randomized aspects of the actual mission tile, which we refer to as “points of interest.” Certain nodes have guaranteed POIs to explore or sabotage. Multiple POIs are available in this initial update, including Grineer capital ships and asteroid bases.


Managing a ship requires different resources to perform different tasks, like sealing hull breaches, firing ordnance and using the forward artillery. Consoles are located in the Railjack’s cargo bay to refill your payloads during a mission. Prepare for your skirmish in advance by visiting the Dry Dock and pre-loading your ship.


Intrinsics is a brand-new progression system that focuses on your individual skills, regardless of your Warframe or loadout. There are four Intrinsics shipping with the initial launch of Empyrean:

- Piloting

- Gunnery

- Tactical

- Engineering

These player-level skills apply to the Raijack experience and allow you to unlock individual abilities, like special maneuvers for the ship or additional tactical abilities. These skills and their bonuses follow you even if you’re on another player’s ship!

Complete the Look

Your Railjack is your very own to customize. Tweak the interior and exterior colors to your capital taste, bestow your vessel with a glorious Glyph, then finish it all off with an elegant name worthy of your conquests. Want to change the design of your Railjack? Railjack Skins are available for purchase in the Market!

Tenno Reinforcements

Honor the fallen with these ancient Weapons and Customizations, restored to their former Old War glory. Use them with pride, Tenno.


The Quellor was standard-issue to Dax Railjack crews of the Old War, dating back to the earliest, pre-Sigma craft. A rapid-fire assault rifle with a hefty clip-size, the Quellor is an all-round workhorse.


The steel flag of Old War Railjack crews, the Pennant was invaluable in repelling boarders. With each heavy attack kill the Pennant's speed of attack increases.


As no Zundi weapons survive from the Old War, this formidable pistol skin was created to honor them. Stout, distinctive and intimidating, it is a reminder of times past.


Conquer the skies with this noble Railjack Skin.


Swoop in and attack with this streamlined Railjack Skin.


This Syandana was a mark of honor, and part of the battle dress of Warframe Railjack Crews.


The hardened Sigma Series Armor was recognized battle dress for Old War Railjack Crews.


This Parazon model was gifted to the first Warframe Railjack Crews.


Old-War-era battle-shell for shipboard mascots, service animals and attack beasts.


This massive bundle includes the full Sigma Series cosmetic range: Armor Set, Kavat Armor Set, Syandana, Sugatra and Parazon Skin. Also contains the Zundi Pistol Skin, Quellor rifle and Pennant two-handed Nikana. Also includes 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.

Excalibur Zato

Embrace the wandering spirit with this deluxe Excalibur bundle. Includes the Excalibur Zato Skin and Oku Nikana Skin. Excalibur Zato is the first-ever Deluxe Skin to have its own unique agile and noble animations, which can also be purchased in the Market!


The System is yours with this Excalibur Zato-inspired cosmetic collection for your Operator. Includes Zato Oculus, Zato Earpiece and Zato Facial Accessory for your Operator.

Empyrean Supporter Pack

The Empyrean Supporter Pack has everything you need to take to the stars in style, including discounted Platinum and more.

- 570 Platinum

- Itzal Armor Set

- Empyrean Sigil

- Commander Emote

- Railjack In Action Glyph

- Empyrean Poster

Limited-time offer. Only one per account.

Twitch Prime Bundle

Get ready to drop the inferno. Score an Ember Warframe and a Filigree Prime Orbiter Decoration, free with your Twitch Prime Account!

Twitch Prime members can take advantage of this white-hot promotion for a limited time by linking your accounts and claiming Ember on Twitch! Stay tuned for more content throughout the year with Twitch Prime.

Empyrean Launch Celebration Stream

With Empyrean available now on all platforms, we’re re-running our celebratory Twitch Drops campaign! Get the free items below when you watch your favorite Warframe streamers as they take on Empyrean. To get your Drops, make sure your accounts are properly linked before you watch!

Drop 1: Cephalon Cy Glyph

January 20 at 2:00 PM ET - January 24 at 1:55 PM ET
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Drop 3: Exploration Poster

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