Warframe Comic No. 3 Out Now
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Posted On 2018-01-17 11:44:00
Warframe Comic No. 3 Out Now

Follow Mag, Mitsuki and Little Duck as their Excalibur rescue mission evolves into an investigation of an ancient Orokin mystery. Meanwhile, Captain Vor prepares for a desperate but deadly assault to locate the Orokin Vault for his Queens.

Warframe Comic No. 3 is available now for $3.99 USD. Order your copy today at Top Cow, Comixology, Amazon or your local comic book shop!

This series is a cooperation between Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins and our very own Steve Sinclair. This collaborative work reveals another side of the new civilization, atmosphere, and enemies introduced to Warframe in the Plains of Eidolon update.

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