Vor’s Prize Guide
Taking your first steps in the Origin System.
Posted On 2020-01-01 00:00:00
Vor’s Prize Guide

Welcome to the introductory quest to Warframe! Vor’s Prize serves to introduce new players (known as Tenno) to important functions such as navigation and crafting. You will continue to use all of these features throughout your entire journey within the Origin System. The quest also provides your first choice of Warframe, a Primary Weapon, a Secondary Weapon and a Melee Weapon.

During this quest, all objectives will be marked with white and yellow markers directing you to your goal. If you lose your way, simply follow the icons and check your map!

Finally, Vor’s Prize will point you to some of the most important parts of your personal starship, the Orbiter. These terminals include:

The Arsenal: where you equip Warframes and Weapons, as well as their Mods

The Foundry: where you can craft Warframes, equipment and certain special resources

Mods: which can be upgraded and equipped to Weapons, Warframes and other equipment to boost their power

The Star Chart: where you can initiate most Missions and challenges the game has to offer

To initiate each new Mission during Vor’s Prize, interact with your Star Chart, labeled “Navigation,” which you can find at the head of the Orbiter. For now, you’ll only have access to Missions related to Vor’s Prize. Yet you’ll eventually be able to select any of these Mission nodes at will as you continue to unlock your Star Chart.

Completing any Mission in this way will unlock all other connected nodes on the Star Chart, allowing you to progress through the Origin System and open yourself up to more possible Quests, more challenging Missions and new rewards.

Once you complete each introductory Mission included as part of Vor’s Prize — culminating in a fight with the captain himself — you will automatically conclude the Quest and gain access to the greater Star Chart!

Important Tips:

After powering the Arsenal aboard your personal ship, the Orbiter, you may use it and select “Upgrade” to equip and swap Mods to your Warframe — as well as each of your Weapons and any Companions, Archwings and Necramechs you unlock later in the game. Using and upgrading Mods is the single most important way to rise in power in Warframe. These Items boost a massive variety of stats, ranging from damage and Ability Strength to how far you can see enemies on your radar. Some even change how your Warframes’ Abilities work!

Mods are free to equip and unequip, so be sure to experiment early and often! We recommend equipping Mods that boost Shields, Health and/or Armor when first starting out. You will receive free copies of Redirection, which increases Shields, and Vitality, which increases Health, immediately upon unlocking the Mods terminal during Vor’s Prize.

Completing Vor’s Prize will open a wide variety of locations and activities. These include The Duviri Paradox Quest in your Codex, which offers a new roguelike experience and an entirely separate region of the game, as well as The Plains of Eidolon open world zone on Earth. Early on, however, we recommend simply exploring and trying as much of the game as possible — especially by unlocking more planets via the Mars Junction and the Venus Junction. You can always return to an area you previously unlocked to finish its related quests and collect new items later!

Next Steps:
To reach the next main story quest after completing Vor’s Prize, you must first meet the requirements listed on the Mercury Junction visible on Earth. Doing so, and defeating the Specter inside the Junction, will permanently unlock the world of Mercury and its Mission nodes for play.

The requirements for the Mercury Junction are as follows:

Defeat The Jackal at Fossa on Venus
Complete 10 waves of Defense at Tessera on Venus in a single mission (extracting before completing 10 waves will not count)
Complete the Rescue Mission at Linea on Venus
Defeat 5 Eximus units (Eximus are special, elite units marked by their visibly glowing Overguard shields and have a rare chance to spawn during any Mission; higher difficulty Missions have a higher chance to spawn more Eximus units)

A Note on Junctions

One early, important step for any Tenno is to progress through the Star Chart. You can access this map of Missions by interacting with the “Navigation” console at the front of the Orbiter. Each Mission is then represented by a diamond-shaped node visible over an image of each world. For example: “E Prime” on Earth. Completing any of these Missions will unlock all other Missions connected to that Node, indicated by white lines on the Star Chart.

At the edge of most planets and moons are special nodes called Junctions. It is critical to complete these Junctions to progress through Warframe. Doing so permanently unlocks access to new locations on the Star Chart, which is required to access most quests and activity types. This includes the Main Story Quest that continues after the events of Vor’s Prize.

Each Junction requires you to complete a series of special objectives. Sometimes this means completing a specific Mission or quest. Other times it just means meeting a certain requirement at any location of your choosing.

After you meet the prerequisites to complete a Junction, you can access its node like any normal Mission. This will take you to a small, special arena to confront the Junction’s Specter: a ghostly approximation of a Warframe that functions as a guardian and mini-boss. Once the Specter is defeated, simply activate the Junction it was guarding to access your new destinations!

With Vor defeated and your new suite of equipment it’s time to explore the Origin System as you please! But you don’t have to go alone. Look to our selection of gameplay guides for more information and direction on your journey.