Veilbreaker: Styanax Giveaway
Get the 50th Warframe free just by logging in!
Posted On 2022-09-07 07:32:00
Veilbreaker: Styanax Giveaway

The Styanax Giveaway is ending soon! Add the valiant 50th Warframe to your Arsenal free before September 22!

Add the 50th Warframe Styanax to your Arsenal when Veilbreaker launches on all platforms! All you have to do is log in before September 22 and you will receive an Inbox message containing Styanax (including a Warframe Slot and Orokin Reactor!)

Get introduced to the spear-and-shield wielding hero Styanax in the animated trailer “Ascension Day”.

Want to know even more about Styanax? Check out our full Devstream 163 Overview where we detailed all of his devastating Abilities!