Veilbreaker Merch Collection
Celebrate the latest update and pre-order brand-new Merch
Posted On 2022-09-07 12:06:00
Veilbreaker Merch Collection

Veilbreaker has landed, and with it comes the celebration of the 50th Warframe, the almighty Styanax! The Veilbreaker Merch Collection showcases this heroic new Warframe with two exciting new items available for pre-order. Both are inspired by Warframe’s first-ever animated short, ‘Ascension Day’ that you can watch here.

Veilbreaker Merch Collection

Styanax T-Shirt

Commemorate the 50th Warframe release with the Styanax T-Shirt, featuring a white design of the bold Warrior from the Ascension Day animated short.

Ascension Day Wall Scroll

Capture the memory of Ascension Day and the mighty Styanax with the Ascension Day Wall Scroll featuring the Warframe in bold colors on a fabric scroll. Celebrate the 50th Warframe and hang it proudly!

Don’t miss out on this special commemorative Merch! These items are available for pre-order and are expected to ship in late 2022.