UPDATE 10: Shadows of the Dead
Warframe’s biggest update yet is available now!
Posted On 2013-09-13 19:22:16
UPDATE 10: Shadows of the Dead

Friday the 13th has never been so lucky! Update 10: Shadows of the Dead celebrates over 4 million Tenno strong with new Warframes, new environments, new weapons, new game modes and more – including the introduction of The Conclaves. 

There's plenty to talk about in this exciting new update! Join in on the conversation in our forums here.

Plus,check out a video of Steve and Scott talking about this huge update!


Read on for the full list of new content and features:

New Warframes


The first Necromancer joins the Tenno.  Nekros uses his dark powers to manipulate his enemies, both living and dead. Find him today by destroying the new Golem in the Orokin Derelicts, or through the Market!

Mag Prime

Mag Prime - Mag Prime joins the ranks of Excalibur Prime and Frost Prime as the newest elite Tenno.

Find her in the Void today!

Survival Missions Return!

Survival missions are here to stay and can be played by choosing Survival Missions on the Star Chart.

Our Survival weekend gave the team some early feedback on playability and difficulty, and our new Survival missions are ready for your Warframes! Survival now takes place in procedurally generated levels, allowing greater mission variety, challenge, and re-playability.

Survival missions will get more challenging the further you travel through the solar system. Expect to face lower level enemies closer to the sun, and higher level enemies as you reach the outer planets.

The enemies you face will be prepared to take on the strongest Tenno – the longer you play, the higher the stakes!

Weekly leaderboards are now live for all Survival Missions on the Star Chart!

All Raid Void Keys have been retroactively replaced with Survival missions.

The Conclaves

Duels are no longer restricted to clans! An ancient Tenno tradition has reemerged; THE CONCLAVES have started appearing throughout the Solar Map. Here the Tenno meet in secret to challenge each other in honorable combat. 1v1 and 2v2 Conclaves have been added throughout the Solar Map. Explore the new point system to face worthy foes.


New Tileset: Orokin Derelict Spacecraft

What happened to the Orokin places that did not get hidden in the Void? Search the solar system for coordinate crafting components in loot containers to locate the mysterious Orokin Derelicts, ancient vessels dead and drifting through space – relics of the Orokin age.

New Sentinel

Meet “Carrier”, a Sentinel with the ability to collect loot for you!
New Boss: Infested Golem

Lurking in the very depths of Orokin Derelicts is the Golem. Find his coordinates within the Derelicts today!

Level Expansion - Grineer Settlement

More tiles added to the Grineer Settlement maps on Phobos!

New Weapons

Ether Scythe and Tenno Assault Rifle are in the marketplace for Tenno, PLUS new Prime weapons – Boar Prime and Dakka Prime are ready for discovery!

New Clan Research

Infested Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapons are now in Clan research! Find the new Infested crafting component in the Derelicts.

New Mods!

- Second Wind (Melee) mod – Melee kills restore Stamina

- Finishing Touch (Melee) mod – Increased Damage to knockdown enemies

- Berserk (Melee) mod – Landing a critical hit will temporarily increase fire rate

- Whirlwind (Glaive) mod – Increases flight speed

- Power Throw (Glaive) mod – puncture (Dark Sector fans, this one’s for you)

- Rebound (Glaive) mod – increases number of bounces before returning

- Quick Return (Glaive) mod – decreases number of bounces before returning

- Spare Parts (Sentinel) mod – chance to spawn a rare resource on death

- Fired Up (Sentinel) mod - the longer a sentinel fires the more fire damage is added to his attacks

- Reflex Guard (Warframe) mod – chance for your Warframe to auto-block incoming damage

- Parry (Warframe) mod - blocking a melee enemy will cause a knock back, fusion increases % chance

- Reflection (Warframe) mod – blocking with melee deflects % of damage back at attacker

- Shield Flux (Warframe) mod - after stamina is consumed your shields will be used a second stamina bar

- Provoked (Warframe) mod - % damage increase while in the downed/bleed out state.

- Intruder (Warframe) mod – increases time limit for hacking security consoles

- Stabilizer (Primary) mod – rifle recoil reduction

- Hush (Primary) mod – noise reduction on rifles, decreased enemy awareness

- Steady Hands (Secondary) mod – pistol recoil reduction

- Suppress (Secondary) mod – noise reduction on pistols, decreased enemy awareness

- Speed Holster (Aura) mod – increases weapon switching speed for entire squad

New Customization Options:

Fancy a Scarf, Tenno? The Marketplace holds the latest in Warframe Customization!

Clan Dojo Level update/props:

- Zen Garden vanity room

- 20x Zen Garden decorations

- 8x Taiko drums decorations (playable – link to contest)

- 5x Bronze statues


- Arsenal UI overhaul!

- Stamina system now has a timer before it recharges.

- Sentinels can now wield any weapon you want!

- You can now control the Lotus’s dialog volume!

- All Grineer now speak “Grineer”, a language capable of communicating their barbaric ways!