Ultimate Obsidian Collection

Bullet Jumping on PlayStation has never looked so stylish, thanks to the Ultimate Obsidian Collection! Adorn your Warframe, Landing Craft and Archwing with jaw-dropping new Obsidian-themed Customizations, plus enjoy other helpful items that will take your Warframe experience to new heights.

The Ultimate Obsidian Collection Includes:

- Ivara Obsidian Skin
- Ivara Obsidian Helmet
- Ivara Obsidian Artemis Bow Skin
- Obsidian Liset Skin
- Odonata Obsidian Skin
- Dendra Obsidian Shoulder Guard
- Dendra Obsidian Leg Guard
- Obsidian Indra Sigil
- 7-Day Affinity Booster
- 170 Platinum

The Ultimate Obsidian Collection may only be downloaded once per account and is available for a limited time.