Trolli Giveaways
Enter to win delicious (and extremely limited) Warframe themed Crawlers!
Posted On 2023-08-23 10:00:00
Trolli Giveaways

It's never a good idea to explore the Origin System on an empty stomach, Tenno! Lucky for you, Digital Extremes has partnered with Trolli to give away some utterly mouth-watering Vome and Fass themed Sour Bursting Crawlers to celebrate Warframe's 10-Year anniversary! For those of us that have mouths, of course. Ever thought about what the gargantuan wyrms overlooking the Cambion Drift might taste like? Wonder no further — from now until August 29, Trolli is giving away several hundred bags of limited edition Vome & Fass Sour Bursting Crawlers! Head over to Trolli's giveaway page for more information on how you can enter the contest.

Select in-person guests at TennoCon 2023 will also receive a packet of Trolli's Vome & Fass Sour Bursting Crawlers (among many other exciting goodies) in every VIP swag bag! Those lucky few will be among the first to get a real-world taste of the Cambion Drift's haunting skylines.

That's not all, Tenno. Be sure to check out all the TennoCon 2023 giveaways and digital extras and follow our Twitter page to stay up-to-date on everything that's coming!