Transform Your Xbox Avatar Into Excalibur
Warframe Avatar items available now on Xbox
Posted On 2018-10-12 13:16:00
Transform Your Xbox Avatar Into Excalibur

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft to create exciting Warframe Avatar items for Xbox One!

Starting today, outfit your Avatar to resemble our most iconic Warframe, Excalibur. Get the Excalibur Outfit for a head-to-toe transformation into the master of the blade, or snag the Excalibur Helmet to pay tribute to the original Warframe!

Warframe Excalibur Outfit
 Become Excalibur, the iconic Warframe famed for his mastery of the blade. Get this Outfit for FREE by playing Warframe for 10 hours. Please Note: delivery of Outfit redemption token may take up to a month after unlocking the "It Keeps Getting Better" Achievement.

Warframe Excalibur Helmet
Pay homage to the original Warframe.

Get yours today!