The monumental update of the year is here – The War Within brings you never before seen foes, locations, gameplay and weapons.

Highlights from The War Within include:


The Grineer Empire grows stronger as a cryptic adversary surfaces. What secrets does the Grineer Empire keep? Underpowered, unprepared and forced out of your comfort, you must find it in yourself to improvise, not just to save yourself but the fate of all Tenno. The Queens' Fortress awaits, where both Warframe and Operator will be pushed past their limits as they slowly unravel mysteries about the Tenno’s past and their true capabilities.

The War Within is available to all Tenno who have completed the Second Dream and have unlocked the planet Sedna.

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The Queens’ Fortress hosts a maze of caves and Grineer technology, but elements of red, black and gold suggest areas more ornate than we’ve seen from the Grineer. The Fortress is heavily guarded with new and dangerous foes. Bypass their heavy defenses and enter the Queens’ Chamber to uncover their hidden secrets.


Dark forces have surfaced and have challenged the lives of all Tenno. Uncover the secrets behind these enemies.

KUVA GUARDIANS - Wearing heavy armor and adorned in red cloth, the Kuva Guardians are among the fighting elite in the Queens' army. The Kuva Guardians will surround you and with just a few well-placed blows, bring you to your knees.

KUVA JESTER - Beware of these mischievous, Jester-like creatures that are quick to attack and are quite deadly.


This new breed of Grineer wields weapons undiscovered by the Tenno. Get hold of these weapons and use them to your advantage.


ZARR – Unload a barrage of explosives or a huge shot of flak from this cannon’s enormous barrel.

TWIN ROGGA – These twin barrels of destruction are the signature pistols of the Kuva Guardians.

KESHEG – Slice through mobs of unruly enemies with this fierce halberd; the signature weapon of the Kuva Guardians.


KUVA ARMOR – This fearsome Armor is guaranteed to intimidate your foes.

KUVA BRAID – Symbolizing the corrupting power of the Grineer Queens.

KUVA CLOAK – Once worn by an elegant Elder Queen, before time and disease left her body mangled and disfigured.

KUVA CORD – Ripped from the blade of a fallen Kuva Guardian.

LANDING CRAFT KUVA SKINS – A Kuva themed Skin for your Landing Craft.

KUVA KAVAT ARMOR – This decorative Armor was forged for the Grineer Queens’ royal Kavats.

KUVA KUBROW ARMOR – Drahks are outfitted with this Armor for the Queens’ royal prisoner hunts.


BUNKERS CONCLAVE MAP – Take control of the security systems and turrets scattered throughout this Map and use them against other players. Take note: other players aren’t the only thing you have to worry about.