The Warframe Guide to Clans
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Posted On 2018-03-13 16:35:00
The Warframe Guide to Clans

With the Dojo Remaster coming out this week, now is the perfect time to join a Clan. But why should you join one? What’s in it for you?

To answer these questions, we asked some of our Warframe Partners to share their sage advice. Read on to learn more about Clan benefits, Dojo designs and the first thing you should do after you join.

De Haus of Fashionframe’s Clan Dojo (Image by Hydroxate)

In your opinion, what are the overall benefits of joining a Clan?

Joining a Clan gives you access to the labs in the Dojo, which have Clan-exclusive Blueprints for Weapons, Warframes, and Resources. Many Clans organize contests and events to take part in, and Clan members are great people to go to with any questions you have about the game. It’s also a lot of fun to participate in the official Clan events that Warframe releases from time to time.

Just like with Twitch (which I consider its own Clan, honestly), being able to consistently interact with like-minded players with similar game goals. That's why there are *different* types of Clans. Monster, invite-everyone Clans for srs bsns and little real-life-family based ones for purely social interaction.

Access to the Clan Dojo for the practical purpose of using its facilities—such as the Trading Post—and for the cultural, architectural purpose of creatively building and customizing the Dojo; access to some historical content (such as Orokin Lab research with Solar Rails); and getting in touch with a more dedicated (towards themselves) part of the community.

Nova Ravnica’s Clan Dojo (Image by NRDabears)

I just joined a Clan. What do you recommend is the first thing I should do?

Introduce yourself, build the Dojo Key and explore the Dojo! They can be hard to navigate sometimes.

Get to know the Clan dynamics before putting both feet in. Help out where needed. Show them you're not just in it for the free research.

Ask someone to give you a tour of their Dojo layout so you know where all of the things you need are located.

Get a better understanding of what type of people are in the Clan and the overall atmosphere of the Clan. And maybe buy a Blueprint of everything in the labs. :P

Check if any items in the labs need resources to start the research or building process.
flare eyes

After the labs, find the Trading Post.

Get Vault Key Blueprints so you can do Vault Runs for Corrupted Mods.

Carpe Noctem’s Clan Dojo (Image by LittleNavi)

In your opinion, what's the most underrated or overlooked aspects of the Clan System?

The forum pages for Clans. It’s new but seems overlooked by a lot of players as it lets you leave messages and trade requests for anyone/everyone.

Check out the Dojo’s Dueling Room. It’s a great way to get some PvP experience and settle arguments!

The events where Clans compete against each other to earn trophies or a place on the leaderboards are a lot of fun. It’s always rewarding to add another trophy to our Trophy Hall!

Resource investments into the Clan Bank. People are able to regularly contribute resources and credits to the Clan Bank for future research, but it's barely used by many Clans, which often leaves them unprepared for new research.

1v1 PVP arena. This lets you test Frames and see how Frames can work.

Image by Hydroxate

Finally, I need a little Dojo layout help. Do you have any helpful tips?

Plan out your Dojo on paper first.

Get different Dojo sections so it's easier to distinguish. (e.g. Have one section for laboratories, one for generators, one for the duel rooms and parkour room, etc.) There are Dojo Builder simulations online that allow you to plan your Dojo in advance, listing the respective total cost of it.

Use Dojo teleporters to save time getting where you need to be.

Label your teleporters.

Place your labeled teleporters facing the room (backs to the wall). Also, try to build as much as you can before upgrading the barracks.

Put numbers in front of the teleporter names to order them. Also, my advice for planning a Dojo: People should try to order their rooms in stages (same to same) and think about what they can do with decoration (e.g flags as ramps) and name their teleporters right.

Vernoc Syndicate’s Clan Dojo layout (Image by Vernoc)