The Stalker: A Warframe Retrospective
Meet the infamous assassin at the heart of Jade Shadows
Posted On 2024-06-14 17:17:00
The Stalker: A Warframe Retrospective

Veteran Tenno are well accustomed to encounters with the Stalker during their Missions across the Star Chart, to say nothing of his appearances throughout Warframe’s sprawling, Cinematic Quest. He's been present during some of Warframe's most memorable moments, despite sparse dialogue and only a smattering of recorded history to explain who he is, what he desires, and where he currently stands. Perhaps more importantly, his adversarial history with the Tenno begs the question: why does he harbor such a ferocious hatred for Warframes?

NOTE: This article will include story spoilers for several major Warframe Quests.

 The Stalker: A Warframe Retrospective
Artist Credit: Eileen Kai Hing Kwan

If you're already familiar with the Stalker then you are no doubt already primed and ready to dive into Jade Shadows — which explores his lore deeper than you've ever seen before.

If you are not familiar, then the following brief — but very illuminating — look at his history is a perfect introduction.


Long ago, the Stalker was once part of a mysterious caste of "low Guardians," who served the Orokin faithfully without sharing in their exalted position within the wider hierarchy of the Origin System. By all accounts, the Stalker was a loyal servant right up until the end of the Old War: a bloody battle between the Orokin and Sentient machines.

In celebration of the Sentients' supposed defeat, the Orokin held a grand celebration. The Stalker, their faithful but silent protector, looked on as the Naga Drums heralded the Tenno onslaught against the Orokin. By the time their murderous weaponry finally fell silent, his life was forever changed. Though they had won the Old War, the Tenno had also betrayed the masters the Stalker so fervently protected. Alone now, and facing a new order without the Empire that gave him his purpose, the Stalker swore vengeance against them.

Though his hatred for the Tenno and their Warframes is personal, he also views their betrayal as his own failing. For though he recognized during that fateful ceremony that the Tenno were poised for combat when they should have been at ease, he failed to alert his masters, and has never forgiven himself for the destruction that followed.


The Stalker is most often seen attacking Tenno throughout the Origin System, as he has a chance to invade one or more Squad members with a "Death Mark" earned by completing Assassinations. Past Quest confrontations with the Stalker are detailed below.


Awakened by Grineer exploration on Uranus, the Sentient leader Hunhow determined that the Stalker would be the perfect candidate through which to exact his revenge on the Tenno. He knew that the power of his adversaries resided in an external reservoir in the Void, and needed a willing agent to attack it.

It took everything to resist this assault on the reservoir, but through sheer determination, the secret heart of the Tenno’s power was saved. And the ensuing face-to-face confrontation with the Stalker — as horrible as it was harrowing — proved that the sacred link between Tenno and Warframe was unbreakable.

Though the power of the Sentients ultimately proved insufficient, the Stalker showed himself to be a truly dangerous foe. And certainly not one to be forgotten.

The Weapon Hunhow bestowed upon the Stalker — forged with Sentient power — becomes available to you after completion of this Quest:

Broken War: A fragment of the powerful War blade, repurposed as its own Weapon and awarded after completing The Second Dream Quest.

War: The powerful Sentient blade bestowed upon the Stalker. Said to house the consciousness of Hunhow for a time. Each encounter with the Stalker yields a limited chance to drop its Blueprint.


The Stalker's legacy spreads through devoted followers of his violent teachings dubbed "Acolytes." Originally appearing during Operation: Shadow Debt, each Acolyte assumed an appearance similar to several Warframes and offered to confront the Tenno in service of their assassin-master.

Though they were imbued with additional strength and abilities, the Acolytes ultimately failed in their attempt to finish what the Stalker started. You can still confront them in-game through The Steel Path.


After many years roosting near Hunhow's watery tomb and attempting to assassinate the Tenno from afar, the Stalker came face-to-face with the Drifter deep beneath the waters of Uranus. After convincing the Sentient patriarch that their goals were aligned, the Drifter briefly enjoyed the Stalker as an ally. Hunhow's so-called "Shadow" even went so far as to bestow the Drifter with the powerful Nataruk Bow to more effectively destroy the powerful Archons who served Hunhow's son, Erra.

Following The New War, the Stalker's whereabouts have remained largely unknown, though with sufficient effort the Drifter can still enlist a version of him as an uncanny ally in the parallel world of Duviri.

Now, Jade Shadows continues his story…


The Stalker's Loadout is a dark mirror to the Tenno's, and consists of the Dread Bow, Despair Thrown Weapon and Hate Scythe. You have a chance to obtain Blueprints for his Weapons to craft yourself when you vanquish him in-game!


A deadly hunting bow that fires distinctive bladed arrows to deal significant Slash Damage. The Blueprint for this Weapon is most likely to drop after defeating the Stalker during regular Missions. Unlock its Incanon Evolutions to deal additional Damage!


A set of throwing knives enhanced with a mono-filament edge for extra lethality. Though they're designed for penetrating Warframes, they make an excellent Secondary Weapon for taking on regular Enemies. Like the Dread, the Despair Thrown Weapon can also be upgraded through Incanon Evolutions, but is less likely to drop from Stalker encounters.


A vicious Scythe Weapon befitting the harbinger of death. Hate drops from Stalker encounters at the same rate as Despair, and can also be upgraded through Incarnon Evolutions.


The Stalker: A Warframe Retrospective

Warframe's latest Cinematic Quest picks up the Stalker's story after the events of The New War, and at last delves into his tragic, personal history. Perhaps for the first time his hatred and animosity might make some sense, and his personal struggles become clear. Whatever awaits you in the next chapter of Warframe, Tenno, always remember: your actions have consequences.