The Seven Crimes of Kullervo
Available Now On All Platforms
Posted On 2023-06-21 07:00:00
The Seven Crimes of Kullervo

Kullervo Kullervo

Available now on all platforms

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo

You’re invited to return to the mind-bending stage of Duviri for the next act in The Duviri Paradox… Prepare to uncover The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, available now on all platforms!


Deep within the confines of a sprawling island dungeon, the tragic Warframe, Kullervo, awaits your redemption. Explore the prison’s cells to learn of his misdeeds and wield the power of treachery through his trademark daggers and thirst for vengeance. Unleash Kullevo’s signature Shotgun, Rauta, to increase your Melee Combo count with every successful shot. When wielded by Kullervo himself, your Melee Combo duration is also extended. Modify your Fashion Frame with his signature Customizations — including the Kullervo Usvah Helmet and Ahlto Syandana — then master his Melee proficiency with the magnificent Vaenn Heavy Blade Skin.

 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo


Passive: Whispers of Vaenn
Kullervo boasts increased Heavy Attack Efficiency and Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed on all Melee weapons.

Wrathful Advance:
(TAP) Kullervo charges a Heavy Attack then teleports to his target and strikes. His rage-filled focus temporarily increases his Critical Chance.
(HOLD) Teleport to any marked location.

Kullervo surrounds himself with daggers. Each dagger that strikes an enemy restores his health, but each dagger that misses an enemy strikes Kullervo, dealing a bit of damage. When Kullervo has max Health, he receives Overguard from struck enemies.

Collective Curse:
Kullervo sends forth a curse that binds enemies. When a cursed enemy takes damage, every other cursed enemy also suffers a portion of that damage.

Storm of Ukko:
The Void answers Kullervo’s invocation with a storm of daggers that rain down upon his enemies.

 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo


A new fortress-island has appeared in Duviri, begging you to dive in and discover its secrets. This strange, floating prison obfuscates both Kullervo’s crimes as well as the mysterious (yet familiar) Warden who binds him under lock and key. Unravel the sins of this tormented Warframe and earn his Blueprints by squaring off in a showdown of epic proportions!

Kullervo’s Hold will be accessible from the Duviri Star Chart on June 21 at 12 p.m. ET to July 5 at 12 p.m. ET. During this special introductory window, you will have guaranteed access to the island and boss fight to begin adding Kullervo to your Arsenal.

Immediately after the event window ends on July 5, Kullervo’s Hold will reappear on Duviri during any Sorrow, Fear or Anger Spiral. Meanwhile, chapters of Kullervo’s story have a chance to occur as main or side objectives during any Sorrow, Fear or Anger Spiral.


Enter a new boss battle that might seem familiar to more experienced Tenno. Keep your eyes peeled for a surprise visitor during Undercroft Exterminate Missions!

You’ll also find that previously-locked Undercroft portals have become accessible to those who have acquired at least seven Decrees. Upon entering these gateways, your experience in the Undercroft will offer more challenges – and also greater Rewards.


While traversing the Undercroft, you may confront one of the Tenno’s oldest foes. Captain Vor is now a guaranteed spawn during Exterminate missions in the Undercroft — including those in The Circuit, Spiral stories, and new side objective Undercroft Portals.

His health increases for each additional member in the squad, providing additional challenge to both groups and solo players, as he must be defeated to complete the Undercroft mission.

In return for besting your familiar adversary, Captain Vor will drop Rune Marrow with an additional chance to drop his very own Vor Sigil.



Put your riding skills to the test! Mount your Kaithe and race across the terrain and sky to clear gates and complete your goal in record time. Kaithe Races can appear as a Spiral stage and side objective in The Duviri Experience (both solo and co-op).


Gaze through the eyes of a Paragrimm to find Tomes and mark them for collection. Finding all the required targets will reward you with Duviri Resources, Drifter Intrinsics and a Decree. Recovering Paragrimm Tomes is available only in The Duviri Experience (solo and co-op).


Scour the caves of Duviri’s underbelly to find the Lost Belongings of the citizens of Duviri! Keep an eye out for Liminus, who are keen on keeping these items for themselves. Collecting all the Lost Belongings will reward you more Duviri Resources, 3x Drifter Intrinsics, and a Decree! Like Kaithe Races, Lost Belongings objectives can appear as a main Spiral stage and as a side objective.


Don’t miss adding the latest Customizations to your collection with new bundles arriving in The Seven Crimes of Kullervo. Whether you’re looking to customize your Warframe, Mount, or Drifter, you’re sure to find something that will make a statement in Duviri!

 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo


Turbo-charge your Arsenal with the all-new Gauss Kresnik Collection, featuring the deluxe Gauss Kresnik Skin, the fiery Bolide Syandana, as well as the Hermes’ weapon-inspired Acceltra Caduceus for a blistering new look befitting a true champion sprinter.

 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo


Charge forth and take advantage of new Kaithe Armor and Kaithe Ephemera Bundles to give your noble steed a visual upgrade via new Chamfrons, Saddles and Tails. Mesmerize your Squadmates with new Kaithe Ephemeras and swap them out to match the shifting moods of Dominus Thrax.

 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo


Embody flowing longevity and a protective aesthetic with the new Drifter Orizu Suit Collection. Designed to mimic the sharp lines of origami, these calming Customizations offer a measured balance to your Fashion Frame.

 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo


With 15 powerful new Decrees, you’ll find more variety than ever in your Duviri runs. Test your skills and builds with Spiteful Decrees such as Fragile Vanity, which reduces 50% of current Armor while adding Damage from players’ shots that proportionally increases based on the Armor remaining.


You can now collect Duviri plant Resources from the comfort of Teshin’s Cave with the new SPROUT (Self-Perpetuating Regular Operation for Utilizing Terrain) system.

Every 20 hours, six random plants from Duviri will grow and mature for harvesting in Teshin’s Cave. Simply approach the planters located in the room between your Kaithe and the mirror to cultivate Resources from these fully-grown plants.

The growth timer resets once you collect the resources from Teshin’s Cave. Check back once the plants have matured again to harvest, rinse and repeat!

 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo


Expand your horizon of Customizations with new TennoGen items featuring fan-favorite, community-created designs — including Weapon Skins, Armor and a fresh redesign for your Landing Craft.

 The Seven Crimes of Kullervo


For full details on what to expect from The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, be sure to check out our complete patch notes.