The Sentinel - 4/16/2024
Your Weekly Walk Through the Biggest Warframe News
Posted On 2024-04-16 13:28:00
The Sentinel - 4/16/2024

The Sentinel returns with a new round of Warframe news for the week. Check out the latest topics below to learn more and keep up to date with the Origin System!

This week’s topics:

Calendar Callouts

  • April 16 (1 p.m. ET): Devshorts 12
  • April 19 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 5
  • April 26 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 6
  • April 26 (11 a.m. ET): Double Affinity Weekend
  • May 3 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 7
  • May 10 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 8
  • May 10 (11 a.m. ET): Double Credits Weekend

This Week’s Dev Discussion

Devshorts arrives today on April 16 at 1 p.m. ET! If you’re not familiar with the show, this is a weekly livestream where Warframe Creative Director Rebecca Ford and Digital Extremes CEO Steve Sinclair dive a bit behind the scenes into Warframe changes and decision making.

Topics this week include: the up-and-coming Protea Prime Access, looking at feedback on the recent Inaros rework, Hotfixes, and more!

You can watch the whole episode live or, if you’re reading this later, via the archives on Twitch and YouTube!


TennoCon 2024 Merch Pack

You don’t have to wait until July to begin preparing for TennoCon! The TennoCon 2024 Merch Pack is available for pre-order right now. You can grab your T-shirt, themed pin, and a CRT-inspired USB key while supplies last. Then be sure to check out the full TennoCon experience on July 19 and July 20!

Early TennoCon 2024 Badge & Merch Pickup

For those of you attending TennoCon 2024 in-person, know that you can also claim your badge at RBC Place before the TennoVIP community night on July 19. Pickup closes at 5:30 p.m. ET, just 30 minutes before the night’s activities. In fact, you will need this badge to get into TennoVIP at RBC Place later that day.

Furthermore, players can purchase merch the day before TennoCon on July 19 to keep their hands free during the convention! If you’re unable to make the early merch sales, you can grab merch the day-of on July 20 as well. We highly recommend dropping by early, if you can, to avoid the lines and get what you want before the full show! If you’re planning to attend TennoVIP, this is your chance to kill two birds with one stone and get everything you need in one fell swoop.

Watch for Your Warframe Year in Review Email

Our second wave of Warframe Year in Review emails lands this week on April 17! If you signed up to receive emails from us before the deadline, you’ll soon receive a snapshot of your stats (like how many enemies you felled and your most-used Warframes) from the past year.

The cutoff date may have passed for this year’s emails, but if you would like to receive future updates and emails, you can still do so by following these instructions.

Gauss Prime Access Ending Soon

With Protea Prime on the way, this is your early warning that Gauss Prime Access is ending soon! You still have some time to pick up the speed saint via Prime Access before he runs away. Void Relics featuring his Prime Parts will also remain in the game past his departure. However, you will no longer be able to buy him or his Prime Accessories directly.

Of course, you can also still listen to the original song “Gauss: Redline” from his trailer on repeat right here even after Prime Access ends!

11 Year Anniversary Events Continue

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: more 11 Year Anniversary events continue with a new Alert. You can also still log in for a free Dex Nikana from now until the end of the year.

This latest Alert awards a Dex Furis upon completion — including a free Weapon Slot! You can get yours now until April 19 at 11 a.m. ET.

Prime Resurgence: Ash Prime and Inaros Prime

In case you missed it last week, Ash Prime and Inaros Prime are your latest Prime Resurgence rotation! You can purchase them and their signature Prime Weapons from Varzia Dax in Maroo’s Bazaar. You can also acquire Void Relics from Varzia in exchange for standard Aya, which has a chance to drop from Bounties and Missions in the Void. Happy hunting!

What to Play this Week: Deep Archimedea

With the recent batch Hotfixes, now is the best to jump in and test your might against Deep Archimedea! There are more rewards and rotating challenges to enjoy and conquer. This week’s rotation is particularly challenging, so now is a great time to test your skills.

This is also your obligatory reminder that you will first need to reach Rank 5 with the Cavia after completing “Whispers in the Walls” if you haven’t already!


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