The Sentinel - 04/09/2024
Your Weekly Walk Through the Biggest Warframe News
Posted On 2024-04-09 14:00:00
The Sentinel - 04/09/2024

Welcome to your latest weekly batch of Warframe news with The Sentinel! This week: we’re already hot on the heels of another Hotfix after last week’s changes and the launch of Deep Archimedea. There’s also a heaping helping of Alerts to enjoy for a limited time, so let’s not waste any more precious minutes as we review the week.

This week’s topics:

Calendar Callouts

  • April 8 (11 a.m. ET): 11 Year Twitch Drops Wave 3 Begins
  • April 8 (2 p.m. ET): Solar Eclipse Alert
  • April 9 (2 p.m. ET): Devshorts 11
  • April 10 (2 p.m. ET): Leap of the Lotus Alert
  • April 10 (1 p.m. ET): Lotus’s Spring Basket Blitz Submission Deadline
  • April 11 (6 p.m. ET): Prime Time 388
  • April 12 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 4
  • April 12 (11 a.m. ET): Double Credits Weekend
  • April 19 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 5
  • April 26 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 6
  • April 26 (11 a.m. ET): Double Affinity Weekend
  • May 3 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 7
  • May 10 (11 a.m. ET): Anniversary Alert Week 8
  • May 10 (11 a.m. ET): Double Credits Weekend

Dante Adjustments and Future Hotfixes

You may have noticed some changes to our latest Warframe, Dante, with last week’s launch of Deep Archimedea. We’re continuing to iterate on these changes following community feedback, starting with, a hotfix last Friday. In addition to those LoS changes, we have other adjustments planned for this week:

First, we’ll be restoring the originally unintended Status Damage Vulnerability granted by Dante’s “Pageflight” Ability. We’re also addressing some interactions with Overguard — namely how it affects Chroma’s “Vex Armor,” as well as the Rage and Hunter Adrenaline Mods. You can read more about those plans right here. We’re still working on even more improvements down the line, though, so keep your eyes on the Official Forums for future updates!

Enjoy an Eclipse-themed Gift of the Lotus Alert

Now that you’re done gazing at once-in-a-lifetime celestial events in the real world, we also have an eclipse-themed Gift of the Lotus Alert in the Origin System from now until Monday, April 15 at 2 p.m. ET!

We hope you didn’t look directly at the real eclipse, of course, but it's no problem for any Warframe — so don't lose sight of the prizes. Namely, the adorable Noggle Statue - Nora Night, lush watercolor Cherry Tree Glyph and 25,000 Credits! So mark the occasion with some in-game goodies that'll last you well beyond whenever the sun and moon cross paths next.

This Week’s Dev Discussion

Devshorts 11 is coming to you fast and furious on April 9. Rebecca will be around to talk about our upcoming plans for this week’s Hotfix and, of course, changes we’ve already implemented regarding line of sight. And while each 15-minute episode is usually packed with extra context and behind-the-scenes thinking, be prepared for a bit of the usual chaos as well…

You can watch the whole episode live or via the archives on Twitch and YouTube!

Lotus’s Spring Basket Blitz

Our latest Warframe community contest — Lotus’s Spring Basket Blitz — is still live until April 10 at 1 p.m. ET. You have until then to enter for a chance to win free Gauss Prime Access, a nice nest egg of Platinum, and of course the new Ostarus Headgear (to add some fluffy bunny ears to your Warframe all year long).

The third set of in-game Alerts is also available until April 5 at 11 a.m. ET). This includes the first “Challenge Mode” Alert, giving players a taste of Steel Path difficulty without needing to unlock their nodes in the Steel Path itself. This makes it a great way to test your might and see if you’re ready for Steel Path. Maybe you could have been gathering Steel Essence this whole time and didn’t even realize it!

The third set of 11 Year Anniversary Twitch Drops — featuring three Voidplume Pinions, a graffiti Glyph featuring Cavalero by DarikaArt, and a random Archon Shard (either Azure, Crimson, or Amber) — is also live. These rewards will remain available until April 15 at 11 a.m. ET. Just watch any stream in the Warframe Directory on Twitch with a linked account to earn yours!

Ash Prime and Inaros Prime Reenter Prime Resurgence

The latest Prime Resurgence turns back the sands of time with a familiar duo. Ash Prime and Inaros Prime will be your next Prime Resurgence rotation this Thursday, April 11 at 2 p.m. ET. While Ash is no slouch himself, this also comes just in time for the Inaros rework included in Dante Unbound! Now you can check out his revamped Abilities for yourself if you haven’t collected the nigh immortal Warframe already.

That also means you only have a few more days to pick up Titania Prime and Gara Prime before they disappear. You can still purchase either Warframe, as well as their signature Weapons and Accessories, with Regal Aya from Varzia Dax in Maroo’s Bazaar. You can also acquire Void Relics from Varzia in exchange for standard Aya, which has a chance to drop from Missions in the Void as well as Bounties.

What to Play this Week: Alert, Alert

This week we have no less than a gaggle of new and ongoing Alerts to enjoy. You can still take part in the third batch of 11 Year Anniversary Alerts (followed by a fresh set when they rotate), the aforementioned solar eclipse celebration, and our second Leap of the Lotus on Wednesday, April 10 at 2 p.m. ET.

While these Alerts are available to nearly all players, you might be ready to tackle Deep Archimedea, which also came with a Hotfix last week. This new activity is a deeply challenging (but deeply rewarding) series of continuous Missions where you can earn guaranteed Archon Shards and Legendary Melee Arcanes. You may have heard us talk about it before, but it’s officially playable now — if you’ve reached Rank 5 with the Cavia Syndicate after completing Whispers in the Walls and can handle the heat.

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