The Remote Observer: Vol 70
Shredding the Light Fantastic
Posted On 2019-08-23 15:41:00
The Remote Observer: Vol 70

Welcome to issue 70 of The Remote Observer, Tenno! This week has seen a lot of developments in the console world, and our latest Devstream showed off the chonkerous new Warframe, Grendel, as well as the high-octane power of Gauss! Want your Shawzin in Drop-D for some true, thrashy space metal? Well, read on, space ninjas!


This week, the whole team has been focused on getting the next mainline update out to you on PC. While we are in this process, it is typical for use to not push out any hotfixes until the mainline update is ready to be deployed - unless there is some kind of emergency, of course.

What can you expect, I hear you ask? Well, look no further, because I have a list of all the good stuff for your hypersonic, red-lining, head-banging, adrenaline-pumping additions, right here!

  • GAUSS! - Gotta go fast!

  • GAUSS WEAPONS! - Gotta… reload… faster?

  • NEW DISRUPTION LEVELS! - Gotta shoot Demolysts… pretty quickly, actually.

  • SHAWZIN EMOTE! - Gotta... shred, metalheads? Not sure where I am going with this now.

  • MORE RIVEN SLOTS! - Gotta unveil them all!

  • MORE SECRET STUFF! - Gotta stop doing this now. Yeeesh.

There is a whole bunch of great new features coming with Mainline, some of them well-known, others are going to be a surprise! We can’t wait to show you all that the next mainline update will bring you, so expect to see it releasing on PC soon™!


This week also saw the full release of the Wukong Deluxe update on all Console platforms! This update includes a whole host of new changes and additions, all bundled into a huge monkey-shaped gift for you to enjoy!

Some of these updates are as follows:

  • WUKONG SAMADHI COLLECTION! - A new stony look for our favorite Monkey King!

  • TEKELU COLLECTIONS! - Skins for a variety of weapons! Up your fashion game!

  • NEW GLYPHS! - Elemental, Wukong Prime and other items for your profile and emote needs!

  • LOTS OF CHANGES! - From adding glows to unfriendly spectres to how the UI works with relics, we have added a lot of QoL changes to make your experience a bit more comfortable!

  • FIXES GALORE! - Revenant fixes! Performance improvements! The list of fixes is long and detailed! Squashing bugs is a specialty of ours, you know…

If you want to know the changes for your particular platform, you can find the update notes for the PS4, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch™ in these links!


TennoGen Round 17 considerations are coming to a close!

If you are a TennoGen artist and are planning on submitting an article to be considered for Round 17, then you will have to get your items in soon! Once we have hit the cut-off point, the team will be looking at Round 17 submissions for consideration! There is a lot of new styles, new items and a lot of Wisp TennoGen being considered so make sure you submit your ideas!

Please be aware that these submissions end at 2PM ET! If you are in a different timezone, make sure you are aware of what that means for you! Any submissions after this cutoff will not be entered!

If you want to read more about the Round 17 deadline and the items being included, you can check out this very informative forum post on the subject!

Thanks for stopping by this latest episode of Remote Observer, and don’t hesitate to drop by our Official Forums if you want to see more discussions!