The Remote Observer: Vol 54

Welcome to issue 54 of The Remote Observer, Tenno! Many of you PC Tenno have been working hard on Operation: Buried Debts, and collecting all that Diluted Thermia! Now, it’s time to put all that work to use and take on the Exploiter Orb! I don’t think they have an Archwing-sized, rolled up newspaper, so do what you can!

But first, just a quick reminder...


The survey for Fortuna is still open! Make sure you follow one of these links to give your thoughts on the Fortuna Update, including everything to do with K-Drives, the Orb Heists and activities! The survey is due to close on March 31st, so make sure you get your feedback in!

For the English Fortuna survey, click here: Great Fortuna Survey (English)

For the Spanish Fortuna survey, click here: Great Fortuna Survey (Spanish)

For the German Fortuna survey, click here: Great Fortuna Survey (German)

For the Russian Fortuna survey, click here: Great Fortuna Survey (Russian)


As always, we are working those Space hamsters hard on getting you some Quality of Life fixes. Our Mainline update included a lot of new fixes and changes, so here are a few that you may have slipped under the radar!

  • LEVEL UP! - A new Mastery Rank 27 test was added! You want that sick new increase to your standing cap, or a new icon on your profile? Time to level up some mastery!

  • Striking poses and showing off some leg! - Moa’s will now use different animations when they get ready to open fire. Someone has been adding some posture programming...

  • Laser Dance Party! - The sounds spam from the Itzal’s drones has been turned down, due to various noise complaints from angry neighbours. The lasers still keep the party going though.

  • Make me pretty! - Lots of fixes and debugging for graphical issues and hitches. It takes a lot of time to go in and repaint all those pixels, you know.

  • Gunblade Crit Switch! - Turns out that the charged attacks for the Redeemer and Redeemer Prime had some crit issues. Not any more! Crit away!

  • Icy Yoga! - Glaxion kills would turn enemies into rubber. Now, they will just freeze and smash like normal. Because you know, killing Corpus Engineers with ice beams is pretty normal...

  • Third Time’s the Charm! - Grineer Butchers have had some cardio training. Two swings of that machete would make a third swing miss while they hack up a lung. Now you better watch out. Cleaver-Fever!


Last week, we introduced the latest batch of Tennogen items selected for Round 15! Our Tennogen creators have been very hard at work, creating some of the most unique and wonderful fashion accessories for Operator and Warframe alike! Be sure to check out the Tennogen area of the market when signing into Warframe from Steam!

Here’s what’s new:

  • 7 New Warframe Skins! - Including skins for Garuda, Nidus, Ivara, Saryn, Rhino, Excalibur and Mesa!

  • A New Alt Helmet for Revenant!

  • 2 New Nikana Skins!

  • 4 New Operator Cosmetics! - Including 3 Oculus and 1 Diadem!

  • A New Syandana! - Spruce it up!


Operation: Buried Debts has been live on PC for 14 days now, and now it is available for PS4, XBOX and Nintendo Switch! If you are new to the Operation and are puzzled as to what to do, here is a brief rundown on how you can prepare to take on the Exploiter Orb:

  • Look for interesting new items! - Scanning new items in the Orb Vallis will help unlock access to a fateful and doomed new area.

  • Frozen Arachnids! - Go find the Exploiter Orb as she stomps around the Temple of Profit, and take out her little frozen followers! They will drop coolant canisters.

  • Find a Fracture! - You can best find these by taking to the skies, and when you do, drop a Coolant Canister into the Fracture and start defending that thing!

  • Fight for Coolness! - Defend the Canister from the approaching Corpus! Your alert level will jump up the moment you drop that Canister in. Once you have defended it for long enough, take that canister and find another fracture!

Thanks for stopping by this latest episode of Remote Observer, and don’t hesitate to drop by our Official Forums if you want to see more discussions!