The Remote Observer: Vol 49
You want a Roadmap? Well, we got you a Roadmap!
Posted On 2019-01-25 17:22:00
The Remote Observer: Vol 49

As we start getting back into the swing of things, we have a long list of items that are sure to grab your attention. If you did not catch the 122nd Warframe Devstream, then here is the place to be! Welcome to the Remote Observer: Issue 49!


A lot of working items were discussed in the last Devstream, with new Warframes, new events and the announcement of Tennocon! Here is a breakdown on what was discussed during the stream and what you can look forward to seeing!

  • 3 new Warframes in development! - The mighty Hildryn, the mysterious Wisp and a third, unannounced Warframe!

  • Deck 12: Exploiter! - New Event, new lore! What secrets are contained within?

  • New Gas City tileset - a rework of some of our popular areas, with new enemies, new sights and new dangers to fight through. Prepare your balloons, Tenno!

  • The Wolf of Saturn 6 - New challenges, lore and rewards for those of you willing to risk yourselves!

  • The New War - What’s that I hear? A new cinematic quest? Will Space Mom ever come back? Why is Ballas’s arm so long? Will Komi ever be an Olympic Sport? Who knows what questions will be answered?

  • Railjack - Take to the skies and beyond! You want ships? You want daring space battles? You want a hard-core fire extinguisher? Keep your eyes open for further developments!

  • Planes of Duviri - Something new and, until recently, unspoken of!


Progress on releasing Fortuna Part 2 for Xbox and PS4 continues and we will be sending the build to cert very soon. Stay tuned for information and announcements on this process and when you can expect to see Fortuna Part 2!

Switch players waiting to see Fortuna will be glad to know that we have been hunting down bugs and crashes, getting us ever closer to a release and getting the Orb Vallis in your hands as soon as possible! In addition, Mesa Prime Access has been released for the Switch, so you can now get your hands on our golden-plated, Rooty-Tooty-Point-and-Shooty Warframe! Look for the Mesa Prime Access packs in the store, or earn her through Relics!

Please Note: If you purchased the Mesa Prime Accessories Pack on Switch, and are missing the Montesa Alternate Helmet, have no fear! The Montesa helmet is a part of the Fortuna update, and will be delivered to you automatically to you when Fortuna releases!


We have a bunch of Quality of Life updates hitting PC this week, so make sure you didn’t miss out! To highlight some of these changes be sure to check out the following:

  • BUFF UP! - The Physique mod has been chonked up from an +18% bonus to +90% bonus to health, when at max rank! BEEFCAKE!

  • Secondary Power! - Magnum Force saw some sizable changes with the following:

    - Increased Damage from +66% to +165% (at max rank).

    - Increased Accuracy reduction from -33% to -55% (at max rank)

  • Sentient Mimics had a firmware update, and will now actually mimic lockers properly, instead of emulating older models

  • Warframes will no longer faceplant into the Liset when trying to board on a CERTAIN Earth tile

  • Gave Cephalon DirectX 10 a good talking to when it decided that it would not render certain effects on the Plains or the Orb Vallis. Seriously, these Cephalons need some personality updates...

Thanks for stopping by this latest episode of Remote Observer, and don’t hesitate to drop by our Official Forums if you want to see more discussions!