The Prime Advantage

Tenno across all platforms can now summon the Primes of old through Varzia’s specialized Foundry during Prime Resurgence.

If you’re new to the Origin System, you might not be familiar with Prime Gear. Keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of these superior instruments of warfare.

What does “Prime” mean?

Prime refers to unique versions of Warframes, Weapons, Sentinels and Accessories that appear exactly as they did during the Orokin era.

Not every Warframe or Weapon has a Prime variant, but when given the choice, you’ll want to choose Primes for the best performance in battle over their regular counterparts:

Stronger stats: Become a force to be reckoned with. Prime Warframes boast stronger base stats that will increase your survivability.
Maximum customization: Create powerful and efficient high-level builds with additional Polarity Slots, allowing for more Mods.
Advanced Weapons: Wield some of the deadliest armaments the Origin System has ever seen with Prime Weapons, and take full advantage of improved stats.
Enhanced style: Prime Warframes aren't only coveted for their power but for their striking gilded appearance.

The quickest and easiest way to obtain Prime items has been through Prime Access, a rotating program of packs that let you instantly add the latest Prime items to your Arsenal. This program is now augmented by Prime Resurgence, which allows you to summon 18 powerful Prime Warframes and their signature Prime items for a limited time in preparation for The New War!

 The Prime Advantage

Prime Resurgence?

Under a looming Sentient threat and with all-out war about to erupt, Foundry Specialist Varzia Dax has emerged with an intriguing offer: bring her the mysterious new Resource called Aya (or Regal Aya), and she will manifest the gleaming Prime Vanguard of the Orokin Empire — elite warriors tasked with safeguarding the Origin System.

These Prime Warframes, plus their Prime Weapons and Accessories, will rotate in and out each week, so be sure to check back often to secure the Primes your Arsenal needs. Learn more about Prime Resurgence and watch for your favorites!

Having personally survived an encounter with Erra during the Old War, Varzia is uniquely positioned to help you prepare for the coming conflict.

Visit her in Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars with Aya or Regal Aya in hand, and enlist the help of the most powerful Warframes in existence to settle your score with the Sentients.