The New War Playable Characters and Press Previews
Meet your allies in the upcoming battle
Posted On 2021-12-07 09:06:00
The New War Playable Characters and Press Previews

War is coming, Tenno, but you don't have to fight off the all-out Sentient invasion alone. Warriors from across the Origin System will rise up to defend their home, and you'll play through their desperate struggle first-hand. Get a glimpse of the characters you'll fight as in this new trailer!

Corpus technicians, Grineer grunts, and even an Orokin soldier—each with their own unique Weapons and abilities—will have to unite to repel Erra and his Sentient armada when The New War launches on December 15.

What creators and journalists are saying

Last week several press outlets got the chance to go hands-on with The New War and talk to our development team about everything from the future of Warframe to the expansion itself. There’s a lot of interesting The New War tidbits in these articles, so here’s some of our favorite previews.

CNET called The New War an “Avengers: Infinity War-scale event, which will establish a new future for the game.”

Eurogamer spoke to Live Ops and Community Director Rebecca Ford about The New War and how Warframe has changed so dramatically over the years with new updates and expansions.

If you’re itching for new details on Caliban, the new Sentient-Warframe hybrid coming in The New War, Gamespot went deep on his abilities, calling him a “Ninja Beyblade With Laser Scissors.”

Fanbyte spoke to Rebecca about her experiences recording the voice work for the Lotus, and how The New War sets the stage for a new era of Warframe.

VG247 also spoke to Rebecca, but this time about the conception of Kahl-175, Veso and The New War’s other playable characters.