The Index Preview is here for a limited time! Fight against the Corpus elite and wager your performance to earn new Mods and other rewards. You have 7 days to participate in The Index Preview – get ready! Experience new Conclave Game Modes and Maps and host your own server! Customize your Warframe with the new round of community-created TennoGen items on the Steam Workshop!


Game Mode Preview - Tenno, we are introducing a new Game Mode and need your input. From now until October 27, we’re looking for the best fighters to participate in the debut of The Index. Take on a team of brutal Corpus Champions in The Index, masterminded by profit seeker Nef Anyo. Place your Wagers, and compete for Profit and Glory, and let the Credits rain down! New Mods are also available as drops from the Corpus Champions.

Note that this is a Preview of The Index. Greater rewards, Clan Trophies and Leaderboards will come later when the full variant of The Index goes live. We welcome your constructive feedback so we can prepare a proper Operation on a polished version- enjoy!

Double Credit Bonus Weekend - Stock up on Credits to wager in The Index! Earn Double Credits in all Missions in a Double Credits Bonus Weekend from October 21 to 24.


Tenno now have the opportunity to host dedicated servers for fellow Tenno and Clan Players. Fight in unique Conclave Game Modes and experience new Lunaro Maps.

Dedicated Servers for Lunaro and Conclave Modes - Host a dedicated server to allow for even smoother and consistent gameplay! Now you can access a new section in the Launcher Settings with the option to run a dedicated server. Choose which Game Mode to host, use the ‘Clan only’ hosting option or insert a custom Message of the Day. Become a regular host and you may see your name on the Dedicated Server Leaderboards, highlighting players who are actively helping to improve the Conclave experience for their fellow Tenno. For a complete guide, check out our latest entry in the Dev Workshop:

New Variant Game Mode – Experience all-new Conclave matches that feature a set of unique custom game rules. The first available is Annihilation. Equipped with only a modified Opticor, face your fellow Tenno in a lethal one-hit-to-kill battle! Mobility normalized, Warframe Passives, Mods and Abilities disabled.

New Maps:

Perrin Sequence Lunaro Map – This new Lunaro Map honors the Perrin Sequence by introducing a wider goal, soaring structures and modified pillar positions.

Infested-themed Capture the Cephalon Map – This new Map features a Corpus cruiser that has been attacked and an overtaken by a massive infestation outbreak. Blown out bulkheads expose Tenno to the open vacuum of space.


Skins, Helmets and Syandanas are something that adds that little extra flare to Warframe, and we love seeing you make them!

Community Created Items - Not only do makers of chosen items get to see their ideas come to life, they also receive a share of their items' sales from the Warframe store. Don’t feel like creating content? You can still vote on your favorites and increase the chance of getting them in the game!


Atlas Arhat Helmet by Rekkou

Oberon Destrier Helmet by Rekkou

Loki Rogue Helmet by artarrwen

Trinity Messiah Helmet by Cheshire

Valkyr Cheetah Helmet by Cheshire

Wukong Xingzhe Helmet by Rekkou


Boltara Syandana by Faven_PS and Scharkie

Deru Syandana by malayu

Officium Syandana by Hitsu San and Operative Shift


Chroma Drevni Skin by Volkovyi

Weapon Skins

Magesty Orthos Skin by prosetisen

Purchase these items by logging in to Warframe through Steam and visiting the 'Steam' tab in the in-game Market.


Give your Warframe a unique style with the grotesque Embolist Collection and mark your battlefield with the addition of new Emblematic Glyphs.

Embolist Armor - Calcified flesh creates forms of grotesque beauty.

Caustacyst - Charge attacks from this scythe unleash a wave of acid that mutilates enemies and leaves a trail of corrosive sludge.

Embolist Collection - This collection of unnatural, malformed, Infested growths contains; the Caustacyst Scythe, the Embolist pistol, Tentacyst accessory for melee weapons and the Embolist armor.

Emblematic Glyph Pack

Find these new additions in the market today!