The Deadlock Protocol
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Posted On 2020-06-08 16:34:00
The Deadlock Protocol

The Deadlock Protocol

The Corpus Board of Directors is in shambles. Infighting has ground its System-spanning operation to a screeching halt. Eager to fill the power vacuum himself, Nef Anyo has initiated The Deadlock Protocol.

We are Desire. Ours is the grasping golden hand. We. Are. Corpus.

Nef Anyo claims to have found an heir to the long-deceased Corpus Founder, Parvos Granum, and has the means to prove it. The Solaris have begun disappearing in droves and Eudico thinks it has something to do with Nef’s power play. Whoever they are, the heir to the Founder would be able to solve the stalemate and stage a total takeover of the Corpus Board. If Nef Anyo has anything to do with it, that spells bad news for the Solaris.

The Deadlock Protocol sheds new light on the industrious origins of the Corpus, introduces the time-bending Warframe, Protea and includes a remastered Corpus fleet full of innovative threats and escalating security measures.

To begin The Deadlock Protocol Quest, make sure you have completed the Vox Solaris Quest.


The entire Corpus fleet has been retrofitted and redeployed for service. Explore remastered levels, complete with shrines to the illustrious Parvos Granum, but beware of new dangers lurking aboard.

The Deadlock Protocol

The Deadlock Protocol

The Deadlock Protocol

As you infiltrate Corpus vessels, fight enemies and generally interrupt the pursuit of Grofit, the Corpus will use every piece of their security arsenal to stop you. Be prepared for upgraded Turrets and deadly reinforcements.


Return to Fossa to face an upgraded threat. Equipped with a suite of the latest technology and upgraded combat capabilities, the Corpus have spent mind-boggling sums of Credits for the sole purpose of taking you out.

Experienced Tenno can enjoy seven days of Jackal Sorties following release, where you can take on the reworked Jackal in a high-level area!

The Deadlock Protocol


Out of desperation to locate any last trace of the Founder, the Corpus have developed a way to open Void portals. Eudico believes they’ve been kidnapping Solaris to use as guinea pigs and needs your help to rescue them.

The Deadlock Protocol

The portals are built through Golden Hand Tributes, a spot of worship for faithful Corpus. By spending their Granum Crowns, a valuable manifestation of their devotion, the Corpus can open a rift and send expeditions to Void sites.

Thankfully, you can use these Granum Crowns to your advantage. Within every Corpus Ship remastered mission, you’ll encounter a Treasurer: a devoted follower of Parvos and all he stood for, willing to dedicate his life to be the keeper of the tokens of his esteem.

Collect three tiers of Crowns from Treasurers in your Missions, each signifying a higher level of devotion than the last: Granum Crowns, Exemplar Granum Crowns and Zenith Granum Crowns. Use them to initiate challenges in Missions, search for Corpus Temple Reliefs or negotiate the release of Solaris prisoners in exchange for Standing.

The level of your mission determines the tier of Crowns the Treasurer will possess. Handle him with haste before he escapes with his sacred tokens!

Granum Crowns can also be spent at the Corpus Temple Reliefs in Missions to learn more about the Founder. Each new story you acquire will earn you Relief Decorations for your Orbiter!


Prepared for any battle, the versatile Protea offers a wealth of advanced gadgets to overcome the odds. Time is your ally as you weave in and out of life-threatening engagements with your Temporal Anchor Ability.

Activate to throw a cluster of shrapnel grenades, damaging and staggering nearby enemies. Hold to emit sticky shield grenades that latch onto allies and restore a large amount of shields.

Place a temporary rapid-fire turret that automatically targets enemies. Each successful hit increases its damage, causing projectiles to pierce enemies and hit multiple foes with a single shot.

Deploy a cycling supply cache that can generate health, ammo and energy pickups periodically.

Activate to drop an anchor point that records Protea’s state. Any damage dealt to Protea during the Ability will be emitted back to your foes upon deactivation. Deactivating Temporal Anchor will rewind Protea back to the activation point restoring all ammo, energy, shields and health. If Protea is downed while Temporal Anchor is active, Protea will automatically rewind to safety!


Commence the sacred butchery with the striking Garuda Hinsa Collection, which includes the Garuda Hinsa Skin, Verta Warfan Skin and Dessicata Syandana.

The Deadlock Protocol

The ceremonial dress of a spirit for whom violence is a sacrament.

With a snap and a flutter this segmented work of art ribbons the hapless. The signature Warfan skin of Garuda.

After the butchery, bones.


From Corpus technology like the Stahlta Rifle or Stropha Gunblade, to striking Customizations like the Garuda Hinsa Skin, there are all sorts of new ways to update and experiment with your Loadouts.


The embodiment of adaptability and versatility. The full collection includes the Protea Warframe, Telema Helmet, Mavv Helmet, Velox Submachine Gun and Rhoptron Syandana, as well as 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.

The Deadlock Protocol

The Telema's twitching sensors probe Protea's surroundings, hungry for situational data.

Ten obedient warriors are not worth one who can truly see. When the visor of Protea's Mavv Helmet clicks down it is both a salute... and a sentence.

With a high fire rate, ammo efficiency and rapid reload when emptied, this unusual sidearm can hand out carnage all day long. Ammo efficiency is further increased when Protea uses this, her signature weapon.

A confident warrior strides into battle, but the truly brazen announce their presence with an ostentatious flourish.


Profit from the latest in Corpus combat innovations. Includes the Stahlta Rifle, Stropha Gunblade and Shi Armor Set.

The Deadlock Protocol

The Deadlock Protocol

Nail them to the wall. The Stahlta Automatic Rifle propels hardened steel rods at high speed, while a charged fire mode fuses a number of volatile rods together for a large radioactive explosion.

A short-blade melee Weapon with an ace up its sleeve. The Stropha sends nearby enemies flying with a powerful short-range shockwave.

Accept death, and escape it. Corpus craftsmanship applied to ancient principles; a masterwork of defensive and aesthetic design.


The Corpus are behind something big, and just like always, they have to crush the Solaris under their bootheel to do it. Luckily with Primary Kitguns and a new MOA personality, the Solaris are giving you the tools to fight back.

The Deadlock Protocol

Begin your modular Primary mayhem. Visit Rude Zuud in Fortuna to pick between one of four new Primary Kitgun Grips: the Brash, the Shrewd, the Steadyslam or the Tremor.

For the Companion-loving Tenno, you’ll want to have the Nychus MOA by your side in battle. This MOA loves a rumble, so expect them to get up close and personal with the opposition.


If you want to bring the Solaris aboard your Dojo, you’re in luck. Display new Solaris-themed Decorations to bring your own version of Fortuna to life!

The Deadlock Protocol


This brand-new Dojo Room offers unparalleled space to explore your creative Tenno instincts.

The Deadlock Protocol



Discover five new TennoGen Bundles! Customizations from TennoGen Rounds 16, 17 and 18 will be available in the in-game Market, including Tenno-designed Warframe Skins, Weapons Skins, Operator Accessories and more.

The Deadlock Protocol

TennoGen Bundle XLVII includes:

Frost Manta-Z Helmet by jocz
Hydroid Karkinos Helmet by Crackle2012 and Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus
Ash Ryuga Skin by Rekkou
Nyx Aures Skin by lukinu_u and HariPear
Garuda Tiamat Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.
Harrow Veles Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.

The Deadlock Protocol

TennoGen Bundle XLVIII includes:
Khora Laveau Helmet by Volkovyi and led2012
Garuda Sakhura Helmet by kakarrot2812
Ivara Graxx Skin by Faven
Ivara Zamariu Skin by led2012 and daemonstar
Mirage Kuvael Jester Skin by Erneix
Nyx Technopsyche Skin by Master Noob

The Deadlock Protocol

TennoGen Bundle XLIX includes:
Armalyst Syandana by Faven and Debbysheen
Diablillo Syandana by Volkovyi and SabtheRobot
Paxis Syandana by Malaya and Jadie
Senvictis Syandana by Lubox
Sethar Syandana by led2012
Zamariu Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar

The Deadlock Protocol

TennoGen Bundle L includes:
Eucyon Chest Armor by malaya, Jadie and Awk’Q-Luz
Seraphim Chest Armor by led2012 and jaeon009
Aures Earpiece by HariPear and lukinu_u
Garasu Earpiece by lukinu_u and Ixe
Garasu Diadem by lukinu_u and Ixe
Konvalyst Oculus by lukinu_u
Sclera Oculus by kakarrot2812
Yureilyst Oculus by lukinu_u

The Deadlock Protocol

TennoGen Bundle LI includes:

Longsword Insidia Skin by Hitsu San and Reil
Polearm Ion Skin by Yatus and HugoPolo
Nikana Khatuun Skin by VoidPunch
Polearm Lahnss Skin by Faven
Nikana Ungulata Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus


Get ready to mix up your builds, Tenno. Atlas, Nidus, Valkyr and Saryn are getting new Augment Mods, granting potent modifiers to their Abilities.

The Deadlock Protocol


To reduce the size of The Deadlock Protocol update, we’ve once again remastered shaders! Once the update is live, the download size will appear larger (1.71 GB) than the update’s actual total size due to the remastering process. Once it is complete, the update’s total size will only be 1 GB. This will make Warframe’s total size on the Nintendo Switch approximately 21.8 GB. Prepare for the update by making sure you have at least 2 GB free on your Switch in order for the download and its remaster portion to begin once it is live.

Put a stop to the Deadlock Protocol and you’ll send a message to the Corpus in the only language they understand: Credits and power.