The Cavia Floof Makeship Campaign Continues
Help Tagfer get the IRL hugs he deserves!
Posted On 2024-03-01 16:40:00
The Cavia Floof Makeship Campaign Continues

He’s melted more hearts than a Thermia Fracture, and now you have the chance to physically hold and comfort one of the most beloved members of the Cavia Syndicate: Tagfer.

Thanks to the successes of our previous Makeship campaigns (which saw the creation of real-life Floofs for both Fibonacci and Bird 3), we’ve extended our efforts to Albrecht Entrati’s final Void-borne specimen!

Once 200 orders have been logged on the official Makeship page, Tagfer’s journey to the physical world begins. We’ll warn you, Tenno: the hole left by his departed partner, Minn, is vast — but you can help make Tagfer whole again with your real-life love and affection.

Visit the official Makeship page today to place your order and bring Tagfer into your loving home!