The Acolytes Return

The Acolytes Return

Reports of the Acolytes have surfaced.

Twisted Warframes that follow the Stalker in pursuit of vengeance, the Acolytes will not stop until they are destroyed or until the Stalker’s mission is fulfilled. Gather your Squad and hunt them down one by one before the hunter becomes the hunted.

Just like previous incursions, the Acolytes will appear randomly on the Star Chart. Find where they hide and drive the Acolytes out to earn rare Mods.

The Acolytes Return


Need trophies as proof of your pursuit? Pick up the Acolyte Noggle Pack and display them proudly on your Orbiter! (Noggles can also be purchased separately.)

The Acolyte Noggle Pack includes:

Noggle Statue - Torment
Noggle Statue - Misery
Noggle Statue - Violence
Noggle Statue - Malice
Noggle Statue - Angst
Noggle Statue - Mania

The Acolytes are only vulnerable until February 14 at 2 p.m. ET, so act quickly!

Good luck and good hunting, Tenno.