TennoLive 2023 Full Warframe Demo
Your first look at Whispers in the Wall and Warframe: 1999
Posted On 2023-08-29 08:10:00
TennoLive 2023 Full Warframe Demo

TennoCon 2023 showcased the surprising reveal of two very distinct, upcoming Warframe updates — Whispers in the Walls and Warframe: 1999.

Whispers in the Walls marks the start of an entirely new cinematic story arc for Warframe, bearing the Tenno back to their mysterious origins to propel Warframe’s ever-expanding sci-fi universe into its next epic chapter.

Scheduled for release in Winter 2023, Whispers in the Walls is the Origin System’s biggest update since the release of The Duviri Paradox in April. You will need to unravel the mysteries left by the brilliant Albrecht Entrati and the unknowable Man in the Wall – all as you battle a new enemy faction, the Murmur, across Albrecht’s secret laboratory complex.

Warframe: 1999 is the time-bending follow-up due for release the following year and features a distinctive, licensed track by seminal industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails: “Into the Void.” In 2024, the Tenno will return to the past in order to understand their future and reveal the motives behind Albrecht Entrati’s perplexing research. But everything is not as it seems…

The pieces to the puzzle are falling into place, Tenno. But it will be up to you to solve it.