TennoGen Weapon Skins Available Now!

For the first time in Warframe history, support fellow Tenno by purchasing TennoGen items – Player-created content, in the Market!

In September 2014, we put out the call to our Community for Weapon Skin submissions for three Tenno Weapons – the AkMagnus, Vectis and Dual Zoren. We were not disappointed. Our Community stepped up with 85 entries that were added to our official Warframe Forums here. The Design Council then voted on DE-selected entries and we had our winners!

Congratulations to MaaYuu, ming1345, Rekkou, StratoS117, verifitas and ZeroJackdaw! Their winning Weapon Skin designs are now available in Warframe.

The following winning TennoGen Weapon Skins are available now in the Market for 40 Platinum each or in a bundle for 320 Platinum:
- Rekkou’s Silferer and StratoS117’s Sharpshooter Designs for the Vectis
- ZeroJackdaw’s Ghastly Kuberus and ming1345’s Combustion Designs for the Dual Zoren OR Scindo
- MaaYuu’s Dakila and verifitas’ Hivelight Designs for the AkMagnus OR Magnus

The even better news for these creative individuals is that each will receive 25% of Platinum sales generated from their Skin and each Bundle sale at the beginning of each month!

Feeling generous? Send one of these new Weapon Skins to a fellow Tenno! Each Skin is available for gifting, but please note they are not tradable.

This may not be the last TennoGen in Warframe. Keep an eye on the Official Warframe Forums for possible future opportunities to get YOUR content ideas into the game!

Congrats to our talented Tenno! Enjoy your well-earned Platinum!