TennoGen Round 22: Part 2
More exciting Customizations have arrived with Veilbreaker!
Posted On 2022-09-08 14:00:00
TennoGen Round 22: Part 2

Discover all that TennoGen Round 22 has to offer with creative new designs from Part 2, releasing alongside our latest update, Veilbreaker.

Building off the success of Round 22 Part 1, this second batch of Tenno-created Customizations includes an assortment of Warframe and Weapon Skins, audacious new Armor Pieces, and a new Infested look for your Liset Landing Craft!*

Created for Tenno, by Tenno, these bold new designs can be found in the in-game Market. Check them out today and help support hard-working artists from the Warframe community.


Terrify foes with a fearsome new Warframe Skin.

TennoGen Round 22: Part 2

Octavia Mandachoralyst Skin by kakarrot2812

Volt Technoshock Skin by Master Noob

Wisp Raevuz Skin by malaya & Xtygian

Revenant Ahriman Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus


Transform your favorite weapon into something new.

TennoGen Round 22: Part 2

Polearm Ulcerated Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus

Heavy Blade Dogma Skin by Felix Leonhart


Sturdy and robust, yet strikingly elegant.

TennoGen Round 22: Part 2

Vikasa Shoulder Plates by blazingcobalt

Paxis Shoulder Armor by malaya & Jadie

Piercing Eye Shoulder Armor by Mz-3 & HAROHARO

Piercing Eye Chest Armor by Mz-3 & HAROHARO


Streak through the sky with a new look for your Liset.

TennoGen Round 22: Part 2

Liset Vammatar Skin by Ventralhound


We would like to extend our thanks and admiration to our talented Tenno artists for yet another exciting Round of unique Customizations. For stylish and unique pieces to complete your Fashion Frame, there’s nothing better than TennoGen!

*Please note: the Liset Vammatar Skin is available on PC only.