TennoGen Round 22: Part 1
New Customizations, plus Medallion QOL changes
Posted On 2022-08-17 07:20:00

 TennoGen Round 22: Part 1

TennoGen is back with Round 22, featuring all-new designs from the Warframe community!

The first batch of Customizations from Round 22 includes exciting new Warframe Skins, Helmets, Weapon Skins, Armor and more. Discover your new favorites in the in-game Market and show your support for hard-working Tenno artists.

We’re also implementing some changes to the Syndicate Medallion system so that your entire Squad now benefits from pickups. No more backtracking required!


Load out in style with a brand new Warframe Skin.

 TennoGen Round 22: Part 1

Vauban Bonaparte Skin by Hydroxate & Debbysheen

Mesa Insomnia Skin by Goosmo

Lavos Kuvael Alchemist Skin by Erneix


Get a head start on your Fashion Frame with these stylish Helmets.

 TennoGen Round 22: Part 1

Gara Adora Helmet by That1Cactus & blazingcobalt

Revenant Tenebrus Helmet by Awk`Q-Luz & malaya


Add extra flair outside of your Warframe.

Caerulea Oculus by Awk'Q-Luz & blazingcobalt


Bestow a new look on your favorite armaments.

 TennoGen Round 22: Part 1

Polearm Kalynex Skin by Kakarrot2812


For that finishing touch to complete your new look.

 TennoGen Round 22: Part 1

Chemtank Syandana by Erneix


Stay strong, stay fashionable.

 TennoGen Round 22: Part 1

Lamassu Shoulder Armor by LostEpoch

Asteria Chest Armor by led2012