TennoGen Round 16

TennoGen Round 16 is available now on PC! This new TennoGen collection includes 17 new Operator, Warframe and Weapon Customizations created by our talented Tenno.

Visit the in-game Market and get your favorites today!

This TennoGen Round delivers our third batch of Operator cosmetics!

Aures Earpiece by HariPear and lukinu_u

Garasu Diadem by lukinu_u and Ixe

Garasu Earpiece by lukinu_u and Ixe

Upgrade your Fashion Frame with this selection of new Warframe Skins.

Frost Ion Skin by Yatus

Khora Mithra Skin by lukinu_u

Nyx Aures Skin by lukinu_u and HariPear

Nyx Technopsyche Skin by Master Noob

Valkyr Leonessa Skin by Hitsu San

Valkyr Mithra Skin by lukinu_u

Wukong Mithra Skin by lukinu_u

Make a grand entrance with these Tenno-made Syandanas.

Diablillo Syandana by Volkovyi and SabtheRobot

Senvictis Syandana by Lubox

Mix-and-match these Helmets with your favorite Warframe Skins for a truly personalized look.

Frost Manta-Z Helmet by jocz

Hydroid Karkinos Helmet by Crackle2012 and Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus

Khora Laveau Helmet by Volkovyi and led2012

Take your favorite Weapons to the next level with these Weapon Skins.

Nikana Ungulata Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus

Polearm Skopos Skin by Girtan

Thanks to our TennoGen community for creating these magnificent Customizations! Stay tuned for more news on when these items will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.