TennoGen Round 12

TennoGen Round 12 is inbound, Tenno!

This round is packed fuller than a Grineer dropship with unique Warframe Skins, Helmets, and Weapon Skins all designed by your fellow Tenno. Check out the full list of pieces coming below and start planning your Fashion Frame!

Warframe Skins
- Chroma Thyrus Skin by StenchFury
- Chroma Graxx Skin by Faven
- Loki Erebus Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus
- Mag Ferro Skin by Master Noob
- Mesa Marlet Skin by Cheshire and prosetisen
- Nyx Aurelia Skin by Hitsu San
- Rhino Scarab Sect Skin by Mz-3
- Volt Fulgursor Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.

Warframe Alt Helmet
- Gara Silica Helmet by Arsenal

- Ak-Sura Syandana by malayu and Cobalt
- Despot Cape Syandana by Volkovyi and Sab531
- Due Volpi Syandana by Volkovyi and led2012
- Mithra Syandana by lukinu_u
- Mushussu Syandana by StenchFury
- Sovereign Syandana by BeastBuster

Weapon Skin
- Lympharis Polearm Skin by lukinu_u*
*The Lympharis Skin was initially uploaded as a Staff Skin but for consistency with the TennoGen program, it has been altered slightly to be a Polearm Skin.