TennoCon HP Omen Giveaways
Enter to win custom Warframe PC gear!
Posted On 2022-06-30 07:45:00
TennoCon HP Omen Giveaways

Dreaming of upgrading your gaming setup instead of what you want to be, Tenno? Thanks to HP OMEN and TennoCon 2022 you can do both with custom Warframe PC gear!

This year you can enter to win a custom HP OMEN laptop, an HP OMEN Keyboard, HyperX Headsets and more. Plus, logging into the HP OMEN Hub will give you free in-game items, including an Ephemera!

HyperX Headset Social Media Giveaway
We’ll be giving away HyperX Headsets on social media all week leading up to TennoCon on July 16, so stay tuned to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for more details on how you could win!

HP OMEN Laptop and Headset Giveaway
Tune in to TennoLive on Twitch to be entered to win this HP Omen gaming laptop and HyperX Headset giveaway. TennoLive begins at 5 p.m. ET on July 16.

HP OMEN Keyboard and Headset Giveaway
Along with the HP OMEN Laptop giveaway, there will also be a custom Warframe keyboard giveaway during TennoLive!

HP OMEN Hub Digital Giveaway
Add the Seeding Step Ephemera, Daybreak Color Picker and a 3-day Credit booster to your Inventory for free! Visit Omen.com, download the Omen Gaming Hub client and visit the Giveaways section to claim your Warframe code from July 4 to July 16. Only available in: US, India, China, Mexico, UK.

Check out how HP OMEN Gaming Hub can help optimize your favorite games, including Warframe, with its built-in booster feature.

HP OMEN Gaming Hub proudly sponsors TennoCon 2022. Best of luck in the giveaways, Tenno!