TennoCon 2024 Merch Pack
Secure your nostalgic, 1999-inspired gear today
Posted On 2024-04-15 11:00:00
TennoCon 2024 Merch Pack

TennoCon 2024 will dive headlong into the past with Warframe: 1999, so it’s only fitting that you have the chance to Customize yourself with threads and goodies to match. Order the TennoCon 2024 Merch Pack and let your IRL Squadmates know you were there during Warframe’s biggest reveals of 2024!

This year’s official TennoCon T-Shirt features a mass of Infested CRT televisions plus a silhouette of the Protoframe, Aoi. Wherever and however you choose to view the show, we’re all watching together! Top off your look with a retro-inspired pin featuring the distinctive TennoCon 2024 digital branding.

Of course, what really ties this pack together is a superbly crafted CRT monitor-inspired USB key. Backup your files (and maybe your personal photos or favorite moments from the convention) with a miniaturized desktop USB stick that evokes your favorite Y2K-era computer lab.

Please note: Quantities are limited for the TennoCon 2024 Merch Pack. Order today to guarantee yours and be ready to return to a bygone era on July 19-20 during TennoCon 2024, whether you’re attending in-person or watching at home via Twitch, YouTube or Steam.

Please note: the TennoCon 2024 Merch Pack is expected to ship in June.