TennoCon 2023 Recap
Relive the biggest Warframe news, Soulframe updates and more!
Posted On 2023-08-26 21:49:00
TennoCon 2023 Recap

Whispers in the Walls: Winter 2023


Coming to all platforms this winter, Whispers in the Walls will drop you into a hair-raising conflict rife with shocking revelations that will shake the Origin System to its very core.

In this new story-driven cinematic quest, you'll be caught in the middle of a deadly battle between Albrecht Entrati, one of the Origin System's most brilliant minds, and the unknowable Man in the Wall. The board is set and the pieces are moving. Can you put it all together in time, Tenno?

Naturally, you won’t be fighting unarmed, either. Hold fast against the dangers littered throughout Albrecht Entrati's secret laboratory with an all-new Secondary weapon class — the otherworldly Grimoire.

Whispers in the Walls will also introduce the Murmur, a brand-new faction created by the Man in the Wall, along with a reworked and expanded Necramech enemy faction. No matter how you do battle, the forces arrayed against you have never been more fearsome.

Warframe: 1999


Long before The Old War, the deeds of Albrecht Entrati have cast an ominous, lingering shadow over the Origin System. Who is he? What is his story? Learn more of his secrets in Warframe: 1999.

Abyss of Dagath

 TennoCon 2023 Recap

A haunting new Warframe update arrives this October, Tenno. Hear the story of Dagath, the 54th Warframe, in a new Naberus story from the Entrati Grandmother and master Dagath new Blade and Whip Weapon type.

Abyss of Dagath will also serve various quality-of-life upgrades to improve your Warframe experience, including a Hydroid Rework, Focus acquisition overhaul and much more!

Abyss of Dagath launches this October on all platforms.

Cross Save Details

 TennoCon 2023 Recap

At long last, the full Warframe experience across all platforms is within reach. The development team is aiming to release cross save in 2023! This feature will allow you to access your account on every platform — taking your Mastery Rank, Focus, Rewards, Equipment, and more wherever you want to play! Stay tuned for a final release date announcement in the coming months.

Warframe Coming to iOS in 2024


Warframe in your pocket? It's finally happening, Tenno! We're launching Warframe for iOS in 2024 — bringing the complete console experience to hundreds of millions worldwide. Delve into a sprawling sci-fi universe, wielding the devastating and fully customizable power of more than 50 Warframes across multiple open-world Landscapes and hundreds of endlessly replayable missions from anywhere at any time!

iOS Pre-Orders are already live on the App Store now with a special bonus incentive: anyone who pre-orders ahead of launch will receive the Bombyx Syandana and a 3-Day Affinity Booster. Check out the official Warframe iOS page and FAQ for more information.

Dog Days

 TennoCon 2023 Recap

Beat back the blistering summer heat with a fresh round of Dog Days! Everyone's favorite aquatic event is back for a limited time — so throw on an inner tube, lock and load a Soaktron and prepare for a beachside battle from now until September 13 at 10 a.m. ET!

Grendel Prime

 TennoCon 2023 Recap

The latest Prime Warframe, Grendel Prime, joins the fight soon! The Art of Warframe panel gave Tenno their first look at the ravenous devastator. Of course, it wouldn't be a Prime Warframe without Prime Weapons. This time around Grendel Prime will be joined by Zylok Prime and Masseter Prime!

Dex Login Reward

 TennoCon 2023 Recap

Don’t forget to claim your free Drifter and Operator Dex Suit! Just log into Warframe between now and December 31 at 11:59 p.m. ET to receive this gorgeous new set of Customizations for free. Thank you for these first 10 wonderful years of Warframe, Tenno.

Prime Resurgence TennoCon Round

 TennoCon 2023 Recap

Master magnetism and display chilling power with a special Prime Resurgence rotation featuring Mag Prime and Frost Prime — just in time for their matching Heirloom Collections. These exceptionally formidable Warframes, along with their respective Prime Weapons and signature Prime Accessories, can be yours instantly through the power of Regal Aya.

Heirloom Collections Launch

Mag and Frost have been iconic members of the Warframe universe since the Tenno first awakened. These all-new Heirloom Collections commemorate and honor their 10 years spent defending the Origin System — and the 10 Year Anniversary of Warframe!

 TennoCon 2023 Recap

These Heirloom Collections feature new signature Warframe Skins for Mag and Frost (available to use on the base Warframes and their Prime variants), as well as a Profile Accolade, Platinum, Regal Aya and a completely new Customization category: Signas.

Learn more about these Heirloom Collections and immortalize your past today!

Gift of the Lotus: Umbra Forma

Immediately following TennoCon, at 6 p.m. ET, players will be able to earn an Umbra Forma for free for 24 hours! Just log into Warframe and complete the latest Gift of the Lotus listed on the Alerts tab of your Star Chart. Finish the Mission before time runs out to earn this rare Reward and celebrate TennoCon with the gift of power!

Soulframe Demo + Sizzle Video

Washed ashore on the northern isle of Midrath, a new adventure begins.

The Soulframe team debuted their latest gameplay demo during TennoLive, giving fans a brand-new look at gameplay and systems coming in the upcoming fantasy co-op action game from Digital Extremes. Discover what it means to be Alca’s chosen hero, an Envoy, and draw the strength of your Ancestors long past to fight back against the oppressive Ode’n.

Join us, won’t you, Envoys? Register today and claim your Alca’s Eye at launch.

TennoCon Merch Available Now

If you haven’t ordered your exclusive TennoCon merch, you can still upgrade your wardrobe with some high-quality Warframe pieces! Check out the new Art of Warframe book, the second volume of our original Soundtrack, the new Kuva Necklace and many, many more items that will surely showcase your love for Warframe.

See the full collection for yourself and pick up your favorite pieces while supplies last!

Partnerships & Influencer Promotions

It was an honor to be joined at TennoCon by amazing partners like Lightning Cosplay, Hacksmith, JMDF, Trolli, Lovesac, HP Omen and more! Those on the show floor might have already seen some of their creations, but there were many others behind the scenes that helped make TennoCon 2023 possible.

Thanks for joining us for TennoCon 2023! This event wouldn’t be possible without your dedication and love for all things Warframe. We can’t wait to deliver on everything we’ve shown so far, and continue to bring the surprises all throughout the year!