TennoCon 2023 Digital Pack
A new Syandana, Rapier Skin and much more are available now!
Posted On 2023-05-18 10:30:00
TennoCon 2023 Digital Pack

Add a new slate of exclusive TennoCon-themed items to your Arsenal with the TennoCon 2023 Digital Pack! If you’re unable to join us in-person for Warframe’s 10 Year Anniversary celebration, you can still join the festivities from home and show your dedication in-game with these amazing Customizations. Make sure to tune in on Twitch on August 26 for a full day of panels, community fun and the biggest reveals of all during TennoLive 2023!

The WarframeⓇ: TennoCon 2023 Digital Pack features:

- TennoCon 2023 Syandana
- TennoCon 2023 Display
- TennoCon 2023 Glyph
- TennoCon 2023 Sigil
- Lotus Floof
- Nefertym Rapier Skin
- Destreza (comes with Weapon Slot and Orokin Catalyst installed)
- 475 Platinum
- 1 Regal Aya
- Baro Relay Ticket


Plus, you’ll also get access to Baro’s entire inventory at his TennoCon 2023 Relay! There you’ll be able to trade Ducats for every item that Baro has ever sold.

Baro’s TennoCon Relay is open from August 26, 2023 at 11 a.m. ET to September 2, 2023 at 11 a.m. ET.

Please note: Tenno who have purchased a TennoCon 2023 physical event ticket will get the Digital Pack content as a part of their purchase via an email redemption code.

Enjoy all that the TennoCon 2023 Digital Pack has to offer, Tenno!