TennoCon 2022 Recap
All the biggest moments from Warframe’s biggest day!
Posted On 2022-07-16 15:49:00

 TennoCon 2022 Recap

The Duviri Paradox: Winter 2022

Coming to all platforms this Winter, The Duviri Paradox will throw you into a color-shifting landscape, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Play as an outlaw known as the Drifter as you fight for a way to break free from Duviri’s endless daily cycle of death and rebirth. Complete the cinematic Quest, meet characters new and old, claim powerful upgrades and ultimately wrest control of Duviri from the clutches of the tyrant Dominus Thrax.

As you explore the color-changing mood driven landscapes of Duviri under Dominus Thrax’s control, you’ll fight Dax Guards, complete requests, solve puzzles and be rewarded with Decrees, upgrades that boost your Drifters capabilities for the duration of that day’s cycle. With the help of Teshin and with enough Decrees, the assistance of fellow Tenno and your loyal flying Kaithe mount, you may be able to challenge the fearsome Orowyrm itself.

The Duviri Paradox will take place before the events of The New War, allowing more players the ability to experience all that it has to offer. Look forward to more information about The Duviri Paradox in the coming months!

 TennoCon 2022 Recap

Players in-game got a first glimpse of The Duviri Paradox during the roughly 20-minute demo by joining us in the Duviri Amphitheater, a limited-time Relay Event that allowed Tenno to visit a slice of Duviri and explore some of the landscape along with a theatrical overview of story-driven moments.

Veilbreaker: Coming Soon

Kahl is back! In Warframe’s next thrilling Quest update, you’ll take control of the heroic Grineer soldier Kahl-175. Having survived Erra’s devastation of Cetus and lifted his Narmer Veil, Kahl decides to fight for his freedom and the freedom of his Grineer brothers.

Archons also return with deadly surprises to catch you unaware. Unite with your fellow Tenno to take them down, and lift the Veil once and for all! Veilbreaker is coming soon to all platforms.

Cross Play, Cross Save and Mobile

Warframe is continuing its path towards Cross Play, Cross Save, and mobile development as the team has spent the last year exploring Cross Play capabilities and performing internal testing.

With these steps forward comes our expansion into Community Testing and we are excited to announce that these tests will be happening this year.

In preparation for Cross Play and mobile releases, we will be synchronizing various systems starting with the Void Trader, Baro Ki’teer. Inventories will become aligned for all platforms when Baro makes his scheduled visit starting July 29, 2022.

We are still deeply committed to the implementation of Cross Play and Cross Save and we are striving to let everyone across every platform play seamlessly from wherever and whenever they choose.

 TennoCon 2022 Recap


To close out the show, the team had one final announcement: Soulframe. Debuting with an over five-minute cinematic trailer, Soulframe is an entirely new game from Digital Extremes veterans that will feature open-world, co-op gameplay in its own independent and immersive fantasy experience.

While still in early development, Soulframe is a free-to-play Action Hybrid-MMORPG that features an entirely unique world with themes of nature, restoration and exploration. As a totally new game, Soulframe development will be transparent, collaborative and community-focused; leveraging the learning and growth over the last decade of success of Warframe.

Warframe Team Transition

As part of the Soulframe announcement, the team also announced that Steve Sinclair and Geoff Crookes along with select Warframe developers will expand their efforts onto Soulframe. Additionally, Steve will influence the franchise direction by defining a new generation of innovative online game experiences for players and fans of both sci-fi and fantasy.

Rebecca Ford, who has been with Digital Extremes since Warframe’s beginning, and the voice of the Lotus, will be leading Warframe’s charge into the future as Creative Director. This path forward allows us to be fully confident in both Soulframe and Warframe as development continues for years to come. Our commitment is to maintain service consistency and creative innovation for the continuation of a high-quality, player-focused game. Expect more top-tier updates, beginning with Veilbreaker and The Duviri Paradox.

For more information and to read statements from both Rebecca Ford and Steve Sinclair, head over to our Official News.

We’ll be sharing more about Soulframe as development continues, but you can reserve your in-game name now by ‘declaring your Envoy’ at

Khora Prime Access

The gilded huntress enters Prime Access! Revealed during The Art Panel, you can now add both mistress and monster to your Arsenal instantly as well as Khora Prime’s signature weapons and Accessories with Prime Access.

Khora Prime Access features:

Khora Prime Warframe
Venari Prime
Hystrix Prime
Dual Keres Prime
Kerata Prime Syandana
Khora Prime Larqum Helmet
Interalpha Prime Narta
And more!

 TennoCon 2022 Recap

Titania Donann Collection

Assume a form as lustrous as midnight with the Titania Donann Collection, available now! The Titania Donann collection includes:

Titania Donann Skin
Titania’s Moyturan Wings
Aerospri Dex Pixia Skin
Hawth Diwata Skin
Raylta Syandana

Pick up the Titania Donann Collection in the Market on all platforms today and take flight!

 TennoCon 2022 Recap

Joe Madureira Warframe Design Collaboration

We’re howling with delight that Warframe is collaborating with industry titan Joe Madureira to bring the hotly requested wolf-inspired Warframe out of his imagination and into your Foundry.

Best known for his work on monumental franchises like Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men, Darksiders and more, Joe is bringing his signature style to the Origin System with this upcoming Warframe.

Airship Syndicate and DE

Also announced was a new publishing partnership between Digital Extremes and Austin-based developer Airship Syndicate!

While you may know them as the studio behind games like Darksiders Genesis, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, or The Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, DE and Airship Syndicate were first introduced through the Warframe collaboration with Joe Mad. Since then, mutual respect and a shared love of crafting worlds for players to enjoy have fostered the relationship into a full-fledged partnership.

Along with Joe Madureira, Steve Madureira, and Ryan Stefanellli, the team at Airship Syndicate is a passionate, player-focused group with a strong vision for their next project. Get introduced to the team Airship Syndicate and listen to their plans for an online action game in a tech-powered fantasy world.

Don’t miss the World Premiere at The Game Awards later this year for more info on what they’re working on! For now, however, you can join the conversation with Airship Syndicate on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Styanax, The 50th Warframe

Revealed in a teaser for an upcoming animated short, Styanax, the 50th Warframe was debuted to players at TennoLive!

Inspired by the spear and shield-wielding warriors of Earth’s distant past, Styanax evokes champions of ancient mythology. Ever valiant in the face of the foe, you can expect Styanax to never shy away from a fight.

The Animated Teaser shared at TennoLive is a small preview of an animated short, releasing as Styanax marches into the Origin System. Stay tuned for more information!

In-Game Gear Still Available

TennoCon may be finished, but you can still claim in-game items! Make sure to bullet-jump into the game and take advantage of the Double Resource Weekend on all platforms now until July 17 at 11 a.m. ET.

 TennoCon 2022 Recap
Don’t miss out on The Stranger’s Hood, now available in the Market for only one Credit. Act now, The Stranger’s Hood will leave the Market on July 18 at 12:30 p.m. ET.

Nightwave: Nora’s Mix - Vol. 2 launches tomorrow, July 17 at 8 p.m. ET on all platforms. Complete new Acts, earn Cred and claim incredible new Rewards! You can learn more about the upcoming Nightwave on our Official Forums!

 TennoCon 2022 Recap

Don’t forget about Baro, Tenno! His TennoCon Relay is still open until July 23, where you can trade Ducats for everything he’s ever sold. You’ll need a TennoCon 2022 Digital Pack to gain access, which comes with all sorts of Customizations for your Warframe and Operator as well! Get your TennoCon Digital Pack today!

 TennoCon 2022 Recap

It’s your last chance to get the full Verv Collection free with your Prime Gaming account. If you have Amazon Prime, you can claim the Loki Verv Bundle, Verv Redeemer Pack and much more until August 1 at 2 p.m. ET!

 TennoCon 2022 Recap

Custom Zariman PC

This incredible Zariman PC could become a part of your IRL Arsenal, Tenno! All you have to do to have a chance to win is enter this Gleam giveaway before August 16. Some restrictions apply.

The Zariman PC is a towering behemoth of a machine with the specs to match. It will make an excellent addition to any Tenno’s battlestation. Best of luck! (Please note: Holdfasts not included inside, we cannot confirm or deny the existence of Void Angels in the PC case.)


This year, Digital Extremes is thrilled to partner with Indspire, an Indigenous-run Canadian organization working to raise the percentage of Indigenous youth entering and graduating from post-secondary educational institutions. Digital Extremes is proud to make a donation of $200,000 to support Indspire’s work. To learn more about Indspire, or make a donation yourself, visit Indspire.