TennoCon 2016
Thank you!
Posted On 2016-07-12 10:28:00
TennoCon 2016

Thank you.

When we started organizing TennoCon 2016 we weren't sure how it would all turn out.

Would people come to London, Ontario Canada to help us celebrate this incredible three-year Warframe journey?

Your response was a resounding YES! All 1,100+ of you helped us bring the event to capacity. You helped us raise a generous donation to support Outward Bound Canada (over $74,000!) via your ticket purchases and best of all, you helped remind us just how much we love YOU, our community.


Thank you from every single member of the Warframe team. Some of us interact with you online, some in the game and others only through the content we create for you, but we've always known you're out there. Meeting you in person and being able to connect with you gave us a feeling of absolute joy. Seeing the faces of the players we have created for, and continue to create for, brought us pride and inspiration. Seeing you interested and excited about the game and our celebration couldn't have been more incredible.

Watching Clan members meet one another for the first time -- some after having played online together for three plus years -- truly touched our hearts. Watching you interact with our Developers gave us inspiration and motivation. Seeing you enjoy the game that we've worked hard to create solidified the fact that we truly have the best community there is.

So thank you, Tenno. We love you to the far reaches of the Solar System and back!

PS. If you missed the event, just know that we were thinking of you, too! Hopefully we will be lucky enough to experience all of this again next year. If that's the case, we'll see you there!

Also, if you'd like a catchup or recap of TennoCon, check out the PlayWarframe YouTube account. There you'll find all of the teaser videos from the event as well as the full TennoLive broadcast. Soon we will upload the Main Stage panels along with a highlight video of the event, so stay tuned!

- The Warframe Team