Seasons Greetings, Tenno!

December is a special time for us here in the Warframe community, as we celebrate Tennobaum alongside the many holidays which are observed around the world! This year the Ventkids have a special request for all of the Tenno partaking in this most festive of holidays.

While your help has been felt all across Fortuna, there are lots of other kids out there in the Origin System that do not have access to food, clothing or family. Somehow the Ventkids managed to convince Darvo to hack the Corpus market, and now any time you gift an item to another Tenno, Digital Extremes will provide a contribution to a local food bank organization, and help vulnerable children and their families who are in need.


- Gift any item to another Tenno using the In-Game Market
- For every gift given from now until December 31, Darvo will make sure that local food banks will get $0.25 donation (up to a maximum of $50,000!)
- At the end of December we will have a total tally of the amount raised, then provide that to London Food Bank to help feed those in need.

Every year, our Tenno have helped better the lives of people during this season, and we expect that you will surprise us all over again with your generosity and giving spirit. If you wish to know more about London Food Bank and all the fine work they do, then you can head over to their web page and read about them yourselves!

Happy Tennobaum, everyone!