Tenno Reinforcements

Hang streamers across the Solar System and tell Ordis to blow up the balloons! Warframe's Second Anniversary is here.

To thank you and all those that have helped make Warframe what it is today, the Lotus is presenting each Tenno with a Second Anniversary Edition of the Dex Dakra and Dex Furis! Each is supercharged with a Catalyst, includes a Weapon Slot, and is ready for action.

DEX DAKRA -- Bring swift and heavy damage to your Warframe Missions with the Lotus-themed Dex Dakra.

DEX FURIS -- This dual version features a Lotus-themed skin, high fire rate, high accuracy, and low recoil.

To claim these gifts, simply log in to Warframe any time between now and April 1 at 2 p.m. EDT. Open the Inbox Message to add the Weapons to your Arsenal.

The Dex Furis was Warframe's First Anniversary gift. Those who already own it will receive an additional Dex Furis.

Also available to mark the occasion are Excalibur Proto Armor and Proto Glaive Skins!

EXCALIBUR PROTO ARMOR -- This ancient skin is a reflection of Tenno past. Discovering the precise nature of this recently uncovered armored prototype has proved elusive. Initial attempts at dating the relic, point to ancient origins, perhaps even pre-dating the Orokin Empire.

PROTO GLAIVE SKIN -- A mysterious relic, predating even the Orokin Empire.
*Excalibur and Glaive not included

Visit the Market and add these Limited-Time Skins to your Arsenal today. Available now through April 1 at 2 p.m. EDT!