GRATE PRIME available now
Posted On 2014-03-31 13:32:33

Break into your Warframe mission with Tenno pride!

Grate Prime is the epitome of metal grate and ancient Orokin technology combined. Able to withstand damage from the heaviest of Tenno, this golden gilded Grate boasts twice the entry power and floor bounce rate of the original Grate.

Unique mod polarities allow for Grate customization. Add the 'Dropzone' Mod for parachute capabilities or fill the room with vent dust with the 'Particle’ Mod.

Add it to your Arsenal by visiting the Market today!

"I am constantly revisiting Warframe and the many in-game elements we have created. Upon reflecting on the opening sequence of each mission recently, I thought to myself, 'How can I make this greater?' The thought rattled in my brain for days until it reassembled itself and I had my answer. I need to make it 'Grate-r'. And so was the beginning of Grate Prime."

- Mynki, Art Director and Grate Prime creator.