Ten Unforgettable Story Moments

As the Origin System marches to The New War, we’re looking back at some of the most memorable moments of your Warframe journey. Word of warning before we begin, Tenno. This article will contain SPOILERS for everything leading up to The New War.

With that said, here are some of our favorites! Join the conversation and tell us yours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Wake Up, Tenno

Who can forget the very first steps they took in a Warframe? Taking down that long-winded Captain Vor sure does put you through your paces.

Your first Companion

Whether Sentinel or Kavat, Kubrow or Helminth, recruiting a Companion is no small undertaking. Take a moment to appreciate the cuddly and not-so-cuddly friends that have helped you along the way.

The Second Dream: The Lotus and You

Warframe’s best-kept secret and many players’ biggest “A-ha!” moment, this Quest has an unforgettable cast of characters, and is sure to make you see your Warframe in a brand-new light.

The Stalker teaches you about consequences

There are many competitors in the running for the Tenno’s top adversary, but no list is complete without The Stalker. Although details of his origin are scarce, the one thing he does have in abundance is an ever-burning hatred for the Tenno. A hatred the Sentients are all too willing to weaponize against you.

Grappling with the Golden Maw

As breathtaking and atmospheric as the mountain top vistas of The War Within are, a deadly challenge awaited in the caves! Avoiding the Golden Maw’s titular gnashing teeth can be a tricky encounter for a Tenno not yet used to their Operator abilities!

Apostasy Prologue

One of the pivotal moments in the Warframe storyline, the moment of the Lotus’ departure with Ballas leaves many questions still unanswered.

Man of Few Words: Meeting Clem

Man of few words but with an enthusiasm no other Grineer can match, Clem is beloved across the Origin System. Who knows where he and Darvo would have ended up if you hadn't come along?

Octavia Anthem and Suda’s Datascape

The climactic battle of Octavia’s Anthem had Tenno duking it out with a digital manifestation of the Sentient, Hunhow. Luckily, thanks to the power of Octavia’s Void-enriched music, you were able to win the day!

The chilling Chains of Harrow

Rap. Tap. Tap. Tenno everywhere still get chills when they hear the signature sounds of the Chains of Harrow Quest, or the ever-dreaded “Hey Kiddo..” aboard the Orbiter. Not to mention having to search through haunted Grineer ships filled with the manifestations of Rell’s raw emotions.

The Maker is remade

The last step before being totally prepared for The New War, The Maker shows a house divided aboard the Sentient Murex. Erra, Ballas and Natah all seem to have their own ideas about The New War -- and how it should end. Whatever their plans, the Origin System is sure to be forever altered.

The New War launches on all platforms December 15! Get ready, Tenno!