Tactical Alerts are coming!

Calling all Tenno!

New Tactical Alerts are coming to the Alert System and will appear sporadically when your help is needed somewhere in the Solar System.

Offering unique objectives and thematically chosen enemies, these specialized missions are designed to augment the current Alert system with narrative twists and unique gameplay experiences. Add in a new Conclave rating limitation plus an extended mode for completionists (which awards the new "Stratos" Emblem) and these missions are sure to be a challenge to all Tenno!

Watch your in-game Inbox or follow @WarframeAlerts on Twitter for a message from The Lotus, Cantis of the Red Veil Resistance, or other contact for instructions on special Tactical Alerts to complete.

- Watch your inbox for a Tactical Alert message. Full instructions will be provided in the message.
- An individual progress bar will appear to help you track your completion of the Alert.
- Once you have fulfilled the objective, you will receive an inbox message to congratulate you and provide you with your reward! At this point you will also have the option to run a Stratos Challenge to earn your Stratos Badge (more info below).

- Similar to regular Alerts, each Tactical Alert is temporary and will only be available for a limited time.
- Once you have completed the Tactical Alert, you can continue to run it with your fellow Tenno, however you will only receive one Reward.
- Pack light – enemy sensors can detect high-level gear. Check out your Conclave Rating and adjust accordingly.

Rewards will vary with each Tactical Alert.

Upon successfully completing each Tactical Alert, you will have the option to run a Stratos Challenge – a more difficult version of the Alert with an even lower Conclave Rating. Achieve the required amount of points in this challenge and you will receive the Stratos Emblem Badge. Each Tactical Alert will offer a new element for the Badge. Complete the Stratos Challenge in each Tactical Alert and watch your Tactical Specialist Emblem Badge evolve.

Gear up and get ready... you could be called upon at any moment!