Summer 2019 Featured Dojo Contest

Summer is in full swing, and we’re looking for another season of magnificent Dojos to feature on the Star Chart. Show us your unique Clan Dojo! The exclusive Trophy, a stockpile of Resources, and a featured spot on the Star Chart could be yours!

There will be three winners per Clan tier per platform (20 first place winners in total).
PC: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon
PS4: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon
XB1: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon
Switch: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon

How to enter

Decorate your Clan Dojo by yourself or with members of your Clan. Take us on a tour by sharing image(s) and/or a 3 minute video of your Dojo here! Feel free to dive into interior design detail and tell us what went into creating your rooms of art!

You must include the following information with your submission:

Clan name
Clan tier
Clan platform
Your Clan role (Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions)
Feature image of a section of your Dojo that you want to highlight (in addition to any other images or video you choose to include)

Please keep in mind that the winning Dojos will be accessible from the Star Chart. That means that, if you win, all players will be able to access your Clan Dojo at any time!


Based on your feedback, we have updated Featured Dojo contest prizes! Although most contests are for Platinum, we understand that for Clans, Resources are what really matter for decoration and research. That’s why we've changed the prizes to massive stock piles of Resources!

The amount of Resources awarded to each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner is determined by Clan size. See the full list of prizes on the official contest thread!

We have retroactively given all past Featured Dojo contest winners these Resource prizes!

Need an example?


• One submission per Clan
• Must list your Clan’s name, tier, and platform with your entry
• Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions for the Clan whose Dojo you submit
• Video tours must not exceed 3 minutes
• Dojo theme and presentation must be appropriate for the community forums
• Must submit to the official English contest thread
• Do not reserve spots in the official contest thread
• Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified

Spring 2019 Featured Dojo contest winners are not eligible for the Summer 2019 Featured Dojo contest. They are welcome to enter again in a future round! Please keep in mind that Clans that have never been Featured are given priority.

Best Practices for Winners

• Nothing vulgar or offensive can be added to your Clan Dojo while it is featured on the Star Chart
• You cannot change your Clan tier while your Clan Dojo is featured on the Star Chart
• Winning Clans who do not follow these guidelines will have their Dojos removed from the Star Chart

Selecting Winners

After the contest closes, a group of Warframe Community Team members will take one week to review all submissions. Once the top submissions have been chosen, Community Team members will closely review and compare those submissions a second time to select the winners.

We look for creativity and quality. Large structures are impressive, but keep in mind that small details set winning submissions apart from top submissions. Focus on creating an immersive atmosphere with details we can’t ignore. Make your Dojo a testament to your unique Clan!

Winners will be announced on August 29 during our Prime Time live stream at

This contest starts now until August 22 @ 1:00PM ET!

All players from PC, XB1, PS4, and Nintendo Switch can participate!