Specters of the Rail is here!
New experiences for the Star Chart, Market, Archwing and Companions await you.
Posted On 2016-07-08 10:56:00
Specters of the Rail is here!

Brand new experiences await, Tenno. Specters of the Rail has arrived!

The Specters of the Rail update is full of new changes to Warframe! This major update delivers a redesign of the Star Chart, facelift for the Market, a new Archwing experience and new companions to help along the way.

Highlights from Specters of the Rail include:


The redesign of the original Star Chart will bring back the nostalgic roadmap design making it easier for you to travel the Origin System. The map is dynamic; zoom in and out and drag your way around the Origin System. Specific regions and missions will be easier to locate. Also, it will be clear to see which Missions you need to complete thanks to new Junctions -- routes between planets -- guiding you on where to go next.

With the introduction of the new Star Chart comes a new way to acquire Prime items. The Void will now be part of the map allowing for players to freely travel back and forth without the need of Void Keys. As you play through regular Missions you have a chance to obtain a Void Relic. Each Relic has a set of items that can manifest from it. Bring your Relic to a Void Fissure Mission which can spawn anywhere in the Origin System. Search and close the tear within the Mission to power the Relic. Once you’ve succeeded you can reveal your Reward. Didn't get exactly what you wanted? Don’t worry! Every time you do this there is a greater chance to manifest a Rare item. Your Void Keys still hold value as you will find they are immediately converted to Relics in the Update!


The Market has been completely reworked from the ground up! Now you'll be able to quickly navigate through the Market and discover new additions. A new tab system allows access to Blueprints and Platinum-purchased items in the same place. Revised categories and an added search bar make it easier to browse through specific types of items as well as easily find what you’re looking for! Handy features such as a wish list, ‘hide owned’ button, and revised Platinum prices for a variety of our content have also been added.


Every Tenno needs a companion. Kubrows and Sentinels have lent Tenno aid in battle for years, and now a new species of Companion enters the Arsenal: Kavats! With the introduction of a new species also comes some new features for the Companion system overall! All biological Companions can now roam the ship in their kitten or puppy form, and it's up to you to decide to Mature them with the click of a button. No more mysterious wait times that can't be bypassed! You can choose to keep your ship extra-adorable with the roaming miniature versions, or simply Mature and then you've got a companion to join you in the fight. Adorn your faithful companion in the Armor it deserves and enhance it with new Mods!

There are two unique breeds of Kavat, the Adarza Kavat and the Smeeta Kavat! Each Kavat breed will have a set of perks:

Adarza Kavats, lethal and sly, have learned the following:

Cat's Eye - Adarza Kavat bestows 5 seconds of guaranteed critical hits on all nearby Tenno.

Reflect – Allows Adarza Kavat to amplify and reflect incoming damage back at the enemy.

Smeeta Kavats, aloof but powerful, have learned the following:

Mischief - Allows Smeeta Kavat to become invisible while a decoy kavat draws fire by running toward the enemy.

Charm - Smeeta Kavat bestows its owner with good fortune during the course of a mission.


Specters of the Rail delivers an entirely overhauled flight system to Archwing! In addition to Archwing movement that has been completely reworked from the ground up, this Update adds a new Support Class, new Game Modes and new Weapons to Archwing.


Amesha Class – Support fellow Tenno as you soar straight into the enemy with the new Support Class.


Archwing Pursuit Mode – Hunt down a heavily defended Grineer Ship and destroy it by fighting through its defenses such as energy shields, turrets and mines.

Archwing Rush Mode – Reach hostile supply ships and destroy them before they escape. The more ships you destroy within the given time the greater the reward.


Decimate your foes with new Archwing Weapons.

CYNGAS - Unload deadly accurate bursts of mayhem.

AGKUSA - Tear apart incoming enemies with this massive, hooked blade.

Download the Update now to experience these new features! For a full list of Update notes, please visit our Forums.