Soar to new heights with Zephyr Prime

Want to soar through the Star Chart and have even the Steel Path enemies wrapped around your tornado-throwing fingers? Zephyr could be the Warframe for you!

But before you go and add Zephyr and Chroma Prime to your Arsenal instantly with Prime Vault – take a minute to get advice from long-time Warframe Community members and content creators on how you should build this high-flying Warframe.

FacelessBeanie: Critical Chance Zephyr Build

FacelessBeanie takes full advantage of Zephyr’s Passive Ability, granting his equipped Weapons an additional 150% Critical Chance bonus that stacks with other Critical Chance Mods while Zephyr is airborne. Stay in the air and juggle enemies with Tornados or Divebombs to dominate any Mission!

Brozime: Rework Zephyr Build

Brozime’s review of Zephyr after last year’s rework is a great way to learn more about Zephyr and how you can reach new heights, including using the variable modes of Zephyr’s Tornado to lock enemies in place for maximum damage or cause chaos with roaming twisters.

GrindHardSquad: Tanky Zephyr Build

GrindHardSquad raises the shields on their Zephyr build to glide above the battle and soak up enemy fire. This Loadout is using the Boreal Mod Set, which grants additional damage reduction while airborne, up to 60% with all the set Mods equipped! In combination with Zephyr’s Tailwind ability, you’re able to get a birds-eye view and not worry about enemy fire.