Six Year Anniversary

It’s been six years of Relic-cracking, resource-hunting and Bullet Jumping through the Origin System for Tenno on PlayStation 4! To say thank you, we’re giving away exclusive items from now until December 2!

Log in to find the following items waiting in your Inbox: Obsidian Kyroptera Syandana, Obsidian Dex Dakra Skin and a Forma! Then get your Fashion Frame mission-ready before you take on the next part of our Anniversary celebration — Alerts!

There are four Alerts for you to test your skills against to earn exclusive Anniversary rewards! Complete all four to earn:

- Obsidian Excalibur Noggle + 10,000 Credits
- Obsidian Azura Excalibur Noggle + 10,000 Credits
- Obsidian Ivara Noggle + 10,000 Credits
- Obsidian Dex Furis Skin + 10,000 Credits

Finally, complete your PS4 Anniversary collection with the PSIV Color Picker and Obsidian Azura Excalibur Glyph, both available for 1 Credit in the Market until December 2!

We couldn’t imagine the Origin System without you, Tenno!