Revenant Prime Access
Get instant access to the latest Prime Warframe, Weapons and Accessories today!
Posted On 2022-09-30 10:50:00
Revenant Prime Access

The lost one, Revenant Prime, enters Prime Access!

Starting October 5 on all platforms, get instant access to the latest Prime Warframe with Revenant Prime Access. Add Revenant Prime along with his signature Prime Weapons Tatsu Prime and Phantasma Prime, and exclusive Prime Accessories along with Resource and Affinity Boosters to your Arsenal.

 Revenant Prime Access

Revenant Prime

The lost one rises. Wield the essence of the Eidolon as you wield Revenant Prime’s power.

Tatsu Prime

Tatsu Prime glows with spectral splendor. It grows more powerful with each enemy’s demise, especially when wielded by Revenant.

Phantasma Prime

Phantasma Prime is burnished with deadly force. In Revenant’s hands, it has increased magazine capacity. The might of its irradiated plasma is reminiscent of the fearsome Eidolon.

Exclusive Revenant Prime Glyphs

Revenant Prime Accessories feature:
Aurimus Prime Syandana
Vetala Prime Armor
90 Day Resource Booster
90 Day Affinity Booster

Get Revenant Prime and more instantly with Prime Access or earn Relics in-game to craft Revenant Prime, Tatsu Prime and Phantasma Prime.