A new character and a completely revamped version of Spy Mode await you in the Stolen Dreams Quest. Embrace your inner secret agent, Tenno!

The Grineer have put out a capture order for a thief named Maroo – they claim she double crossed them and has sold precious Arcane Codices to the Corpus. Concerned for Maroo’s safety – and excited at the idea of a new Arcane Codex – the Lotus is requesting that you bring Maroo in.

Think fast, Tenno! You must plan your actions quickly and accordingly in this Quest. Failure to do so may alert the enemy to your presence and the Arcane Codex data may be destroyed.

Complete this Quest and you’ll be rewarded with an Ether Daggers Blueprint and a Catalyst Blueprint.

Go forth and complete the Quest!

*Please note this Quest is only available for players that are Mastery Rank 3 or higher.